Who Holds the Keys to Your Future?????

Bonj0ur Tout le Mode =D

* Have you devised a plan to your future happiness and aspirations?

* Have you put together an action plan to reach and achieve your goals or dreams?

* Do you have an idea to what the Big Picture is in your life that motivates you to get up every morning?

Now, let us say that you have all these questions answered with a clear focal point to execute the master plan and then another opportunity comes along… A great lucrative money making machine presented itself to you, all sparkley and glitterly with bells and whistles incorporating similar ideas you have planned for your future, and yet all you have to do is….. Be 100% committed to it and dash away your well thought out, hand crafted future plans, as in FOREVER, would you do it?

Take your time with this question.

See, there is opportunities everyday to change your life and current situation if our eyes and heart are open to see them. Also, knowing what you what – period, generally speaking, is such an important key variable that it’s easily over-looked and under credited. The mass population many have an idea, a little twinkle of a conceptualized thought, of what they want; more time it is something material and at some form obtainable. Then there’s a certain percentage of the population that has a idea, clear vision maybe wrote it down and did light research on what they want out of life and either stopped pursuing it – for any number of reasons: childbirth, death of loved one, or drastic situation that disables the mission therefore putting the dream on the back burner. Then there’s a small percentage of that population who has an idea, develops a plan to make it a reality, start the wheels on towards its success and after a few bumps… They’re done OR before the business takes off they may back out. Then there’s a tincture number of the population who actually takes the idea from thought, put to it and stuck with it to the successful finish.

The difference between these four types of groups are basically broken down to two groups: The Leaders and The Workers

Both need each other to have successful balance. It’s neither negative or positive, it’s how the world works, the replenishment process. One co-exists with the other for life to continue, that’s on a universal and business scale. *There are some psychological terms and definitions that can get more in depth to the varying personality types, Carl Jung has a great quad chart explaining traits like these; however for the sake of sharing and reasoning we’ll stick with business =) … Some people like working for someone else and there’s are others who know without a shadow of doubt that managing a business is who they are. Which one are you???

I was presented with such a proposal today, at first the offer was so sweet and perfect I could not believe it. Then as I got to know more of what is asked of me, I had reservations and concerns on what was REALLY being asked of me. To make oodles of dollars with this company in this lucrative business is basically a gold mine, the amazing factor to this deal was that it is in the industry I have been dancing with the idea of investing into in the future. On the flip-side to this golden door is that I would have to stop working on my plans to build my empire to be 100% committed to this growing empire. This sounded to me like a solider surrendering their power over to a force that’s higher up the ladder. I am a little too opinionated and alpha-minded to set aside, oops! Correction: terminate my plans-goals-dreams to go forth another dream plan to make beaucoup francs, not at first but in the long run. I would be managing my friends business which in the future would also be my business also, that could be a deal breaker in itself for some people.

Which inspired today’s post, I had to review what it is that I really want to do and what will be needed for me to achieve my goals. My questions is to all of you is…  What is you want in life? What it is that makes you happy?

Au revoir