Say What, Female Viagra!?!?!

Bonjour Tout le Mode =D

Have you heard the FDA has finally said,” Oui! ” to endorse the long awaited libido buster for women thanks to Flibanserian, it has been loosely labelled the “female Viagra”.

Yes, mon amies, the decade long joke is becoming a reality! Last week Thursday, 24 people decided to review and recommend the production of this pink pleasure pill. The leading star, Flibanserien, like all pharm-drugs, has a list of side-effects that threatens: normal body functions, levels of blood pressure and so on. Which was the prime reason the FDA rejected the approval for this synthetic sex-drive enhancing drug twice in 2010 and in 2013; also in 2010, a similar panel of experts within the FDA voted against it.


It’s not new news that the female body is complex, so much so, that some regulations to ensure that the woman’s health isn’t in any immediate danger or that the drug won’t add to any existing problems, is wise, strongly advised and should be implemented; thus the need for FDA’s approval.

With the success of Viagra back in 1998, discovering that increasing blood flow to the genitals reverses the erectile dysfunction. Since then there has been a search for a female equivalent. The mission wasn’t easy, in the words of “… women’s desire have proven resistant to drug’s that act on blood flow, hormones and other simple biological functions” the closest to a solution came from Flibanserian, this chemical drug acts on serotonin (a neurotransmitter, that is involved in sleep,depression, memory, and other neurological processes) and other brain chemicals. Originally created as an antidepressant, the purpose of this drug was redirected to becoming a pill for boosting the libido in women when reports showed it raised levels in their sexual appetite.

What was the changing factor in the minds of the FDA committee last week Thursday?

A host of advisories presented information showing the statistical margins of the side effects and what actually triggered them. Taking flibanserien while drinking alcohol or taking other commonly used drugs, for instance anti-fungal drugs heightens the chance of adverse reactions. Scientists have been tweeking and modifying the drug, to where some positive results and feedbacks from the women who took flibanserin daily opposed to those who took the placebo. The studies show that these women experienced an slight increase in their sexual satisfaction, sexual desire and a decrease in stress.

The panel agreed, 18-6, that proper labelling and education, giving warning to the side effects is essential. To list a few of the potential dangers: fainting, dizziness, in-coherency, low blood pressure and even nausea. Not bad compared to other drugs on the market; however as Dr. Tobias Gerhard of Ruthers University, explains, ” We really know almost nothing about the actual clinical effects of using this product together with alcohol. ”  so one must proceed with caution when considering this pleasure enhancing pill that will be prescribed to premenopausal women. The decision will be final by August, for right now it’s all excitement.

Amazing ain’t it!? Enjoying life and living stress free is a natural way to stay sexually hungry! =D au revoir!!!!