Undie Update for the UpComing New Year!

Bonjour Tout le Monde!!!!
It has been a minute…. This year has surely been a roller coaster; However on this ride many many blessings had came to pass.
Starting this blog has been an inspiring move towards my ultimate goal of launching my own Intimate Apparel Line and opening up a store (via online and later a flagstore)…
Going to school and learning about Textiles and the Fashion World has definitely been an eye opener!
I am Greatly appreciative of all the love and support all of you have shared with me! Together we will acheive Greatness!!!
>>> Plans for 2010 <<<
I will be having a trivia once a week on the topics on Health – Sex – UnderGarments!!! There will be prizes for the winner(s)!!!
Also, I am fully opening up a section for those who have any questions in relation to Health and Undergarments, Or anything for that matter!!!! I will research, summarize and post your questions and the answers!!!
There will be Categories for these features!!!!
Please stay tune and pass the word!!!! Lets grow and develop together!!!

Have a GReat and Safe New Year Eve!!! & New Year!!! =)