Merci et Au Revoir 2010 :: Bonjour 2011 =D!!!

Bonjour 2011 et Tout le Mode!!! =D

I also would like to Big Up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for today was his Bday! Capricorns still doing grrreat tings and creating movements!!! { I’m a Capricorn also, if you hadn’t picked that up =D }

D’accord tout le mode! The year end review: Progression! That’s the dominate word in my head to concisely sum up 2010. As you all may, or may not know, this blog is relatively new.
I have started this blog as an extention of my intimate apperal company and brand, TONGE. The objective was to share with all of you my passion for undies & TONGE Intimates; as well as provide relative facts and information on Underwear, Health & Sex.
I have opened the forum to all of you to share with me your thoughts, questions and concerns… Merci Beaucoup Tout le Mode!!! A thousand thanks to ALL of YOU who has participated in my mission! The steadily growing numbers of readers has been amazing and I truly want to continue to share everything I am learning in this world of Health, Sex and Intimate apperal.
Each post is another brick onto this empire of awareness and stylish comfy, eco-friendly, healthy drawers!
{ google “Marvelous Drawers” – Dj Cash Money & Marvelous :: the much “appropreiate” track about underwear! It’s Hilarious!!! unfortunately at this time I have yet to get a copy to share – but i will!!! }

So please keep watch! There’s much ado about Undies!!! TONGE has been working on plenty!!! There will be in 2011: TONGE underwear for Men, Recycled fabric lingerie and …. to kick start the month of LOVE; I will be having a full Month of Edible Undies ( Naughty Candies Collection ) SALE!!! I will have clearer pictures* definitely soon!!!

*you can check out the current pictures in the August and September posts on Edible underwear… OR go to and look at the Naughty Candy Girls pictures*

Don’t be shy! This is 2011!!! Let go of Fear & Doubt!!! Let your inner bedroom bully come out!!! email me at for your orders!!!

Salut tout le mode!!!