Science can lead to Love

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

How are you all? All is well with me here, been quite busy! I have to share with you all what my inquisitive mind been up to! You see, Fall is around the corner and I’ve been noticing the cuddle birds are out gathering potential flock to snuggle up with this coming fall/winter season. black-love  love_couples_kiss  indian-love_embrace  blak_love_wedding  couple_chilling_rose    jada-will_kiss_love_embrace  love-hands-lock ooh la la!!!

There has been numerous articles, research findings, theories, folklore sayings and quizzes spreading the logical why’s, what’s & how’s to explain the path of love, or better yet the desire. It’s known that human beings has a certain drive to connect with someone on an intimate level. The closeness brings about a certain feeling of comfort and vulnerability; which often leads to the unsaid role of ownership , meaning that person who was once their own individual is now “your baby”, “your boo” or “your bae”. kissy_faces  A relationship develops and the depths of it is usually conceived in one’s head – not both minds. Unless true love is found and both persons finds themselves wrapped into a new world of awe, intrigue and bliss over each other. Love struck hold of the heart and mind.  Many people are content with this initial step yet there is more to Love than just meeting your mate. What about the questions of “how to do we make this last?” or “is this love my soulmate or a honest friend?” Often times we mix our wants and ideals with what is reality. More times then not, we assume that both parties in the relationship are on the same page of views and understanding of what the relationship is and/or where it is going. It is fair to say not everyone is concerned with where there love-life is going, just as long they are not travelling it alone. There are those are do care about what direction their love smitten heart is leading them. love_struck_follows

So, what to do?I have came across a few clips from various websites and read a few articles, out of curiosity, to see what new information has science discovered on the matter. Interesting how the world describes what Love is. The answer is pure perception per individual, meaning Love can mean Anything to anyone! What science does, in my opinion, pave a way for a person to find within themselves who they are and what they really what. People seek more than just a companion when they are on the quest for Love. Checkout this video clip I watched on the TedTalks website:

After watching that clip, it dawned on me that I wasn’t completely solo in my thought about what people are really asking, or wanting when it comes to Love. Oui, it’s remarkably easy to fall in love; however the key is to define the love you want then relay your desire to the person you find ideal to share it with. In doing so, one can only cross their fingers that those feelings and ambitions would be reciprocated. Putting oneself out in the open to feel vulnerable isn’t the most embraced move to make yet in the end, strength is gained.

My dance with love is unlike that of Mary Len Catron, who created the infamous 36 Questions article, she discovered love with her colleague and they are still together today. Many romantics read about finding love this way yet very few end up as a happy ending; especially when you meet people online oppose to meeting them face-to-face. I am believer of Love, I believe you can love as many people in a variety of ways, should one’s heart desire such. On the B-side of that, honesty with yourself, being knowledgeable on what you want and communicating these to whomever you chose is très très important!!! I find myself in the cross paths of wanting to go with the flow with my love mate sly_faces___love_struck_heart-leads and defining what I want out of this progressing love we have; however in these days going with the wave of intimacy can easily lead to nowhere. The questions are: What do you want? What are you willing to tolerate? Are you willing to be patient with you? … Share your thoughts with me! I would love to hear them!!!

Thanks to the TedTalks website for providing the best and most influential material!!! For those who are curious to what the 36 Questions are, the NY Times made a website of it! Check it out and may this guide you to a deeper profound love within yourself and your potential mate! >>> <<<

Salut mon amies!!!