Cheating in Dating

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

I have been doing some minor research lately. Couples are my focus this time.  I started dating and  the fine lines of what to care about, when to call/text, what does it possibly men when there hasn’t been communication for days, what to do/say with the EX  comes in the picture, or what to do when the person of interest has children and I have NONE … where is the memo on these topics? So to find solace in my questions I sit outside and watch people to find answers or to gain a better understanding. * I love to people watch, it is an activity were the actions of people are being observed, and at every change of the season so does the interaction of people.*

As humans, we change with the weather. As a woman, when the heat turns up less clothes gets put on =)) I thoroughly enjoy the look of a man’s body glistening from sweat as the sun darkens his skin… (moment of silence)… Ohh lala, Oui Oui! Je l’adore!!!

Plus, in my line of business beautifully sculpted bodies are greatly appreciated, admired and even adored. In my off, or down time, I like to watch people to get inspired. Or to remind me that I am human with human desires… Sometimes I believe we forget that human beings do humanistic tings. For instance, Who made up the concept of “cheating” in terms of relationships? Who said there have to be rules of engagement when everything inside the body feels liberated and free just doing what it wants. What is the true purpose of monogamy? Does the family structure Have to be One man and One woman? What has these rules lead us over these recent years of “enlightenment”??? High divorce rate, low marriage rate, record breaking aborted babies, and more single parents….

I just want to know, is cheating really wrong or bad like media makes it out to be? Has our feelings become so sore over whats to perceived as betrayal that we don’t see the bigger picture? I asked my co-worker what’s the purpose of monogamy and she told me, “to show your strength, will-power and commitment to one person” how profound is that!? I have struggled w acknowledged commitment. Meaning, commitment is a growth added to a relationship and earned like Trust is earned… Once I verbalise my commitment to someone, that’s when tings hit the fan and splatter everywhere! I need help, I understand this – however my question still stands, “Can there be Cheating in Dating” ? Do we have, or how to have a conversation about the definitions we adhere to for Cheating and Dating???