About The G Spot

Salut Tout le Mode! =)

Who or What is The G Spot???? What does or Who is “G”????

G is the raw, unhibited, no filter side of Gtonge. Gtonge is me, the narrator whom is better known as… Madame G … And Bienvenue mon amies (welcome) to my spot!

The G Spot!

I am creating this blog to introduce my polygamous marriage of my passions: Panties (& other undergarments we all commonly wear: socks-panties-boxers-bras-panty hose-robes-pajamas-etc…) Information (variety of topics) and Delights (every and anything that appeals to my senses whether it’s food, shoes, or free testosterone)

I am going to share education on undergarments in detail beyond what media has strategically provided. I will cover the health benefits and detriments of the particulars and/or popular undergarment choices we commonly purchase. As well as, discuss overall well-being maintenance of self. Bottomline: This blog is about Health, Sex, Undies & everything else in between that’s relative! In other words, no postings on the 2015 Acura NSX (although it is a sweeeeeet ride! I’m getting excited just thinking about it! OH! That’s an idea! I should investigate to see if there’s a link between Sex and Fast carsVrooom!)


This is just the 1st step to the bigger picture of my vision/mission/goal that I am sharing with a mass of people. I have put ample energy into many projects in various genres of interest (entertainment, education, business, & community) ever since I got out of High School. I am now putting that same amount of love and dedication, a little more energy, into this movement of revolutionizing our perception of undergarments.

Enjoy! Be inspired as I was from many of you & please Share whatever you took from my blog or links! Leave a comment! It’s all a learning experience! Let’s grow and evolve together!

Merci Beaucoup et à tout à l’heure!!! =))
“Thank you very much and see you later!!!”


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