Money in my Panties

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!! =D

How all of you been? It has been another stretch of time since we last been connected! Let me share with you a bit of what I’ve been up to and also show some raw pictures of my progression!

My company, G. Tonge Enterprise, LLC, has been researching and exploring some options to strengthen our vision and focus. On the side, even though it consumes majority of my physical time, I am constantly balancing two demanding jobs in the customer service & hospitality industry. I love meeting the variety of people my path intersects with on a daily bases. It is, literally mentally exhausting; however I am able network while getting paid! That’s a Plus & I LOVE it! =D In the spare hours, my supposed to be “off-days” I am in the sewing lab! Papaya Paradise is still underway and the rapid development of my coin purses aka the GiGi Pouch (***patent pending***) is taking flight!

Here are some GiGi Pouches I have made for people!

Gigi Pouch_gift_kendra_HMS This a basic Gigi Pouch, made with thick fashion fabric without the wristband attached. Velcro fastening. Perfect size for all the important and small things that can get lost in a big purse OR if you work in a high security environment, like the airport, the Gigi Pouch is good for keeping private things just that, Private! Here is the recipient of the gift… My former supervisor Gigi Pouch_gift_Kendra_kisses1 Kendra Dean-Ajikanle

Gigi Pouch_gift_Melrose_no strap This is a gift a made for my Godmother, I made this with a denim type fashion fabric with a slim wristband. Gigi Pocuh_gift_godmoms_1 The crotch is wide ideal for the latest android model phones, like the Samsung Galaxies, LG G series and those other huge faced tv screen sized phones. The fastening is Velcro to make it easy to manage and adjust to any oddly shaped objects.
*** I will have a picture of her w her Gigi Pouch soon***

1stPantyPurse_gift_stephanie_RED This is the first Gigi Pouch with an inside coin pocket. I used a basic pasley print fashion fabric. Very simple with a lace ribbon bow. An old co-worker wanted it, PantyPurse_gift_stephanie_RED_2  I appreciate the interest Stephanie B.!

This is the second one of the first round of prototypes of the Gigi Pouch Gigi Pouch_gift_lisa_front with an inside pocket Gigi Pouch_gift_inside pocket the same material with lace sides making this one sexy pouch for one of my favourite motivational speakers and authors, Gigi Pouch_gift_lisa_smiling Lisa Eddie-Rimpson    doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile!

These are but a few of what I’ve been up to! Much LOVE to my readers are still with me and referring this site and my work to their friends and family! Merci Beaucoup to all my people who received a TONGE original! My gratitude to a of you!!!

Do you want one? Christmas is near and I have a special order for 10!!! Email me: 

Au Revoir