I’m 4 Years Old Today!!!

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!! =D

Oui! Oui! Aujourd’ hui my business, G. Tonge Enterprise, LLC turns FOUR years old!!!! Yes, the Big 0-4!!! I am thoroughly excited and sincerely proud of myself for continuing to follow my dream, my passion to my destiny. I have an ultimate goal and this billion dollar road WILL lead me there! I just know it!

I want to BIGGUP ALL OF YOU who continue to read, share and comment. I see we share the same interests. I will continue to discover and share useful health information, fun facts on Health Sex & Undergarments!  With my numerous hats my consistency has been roller coaster =) I greatly appreciate of you for sticking with me along this ride.

Much success has came in these four years, as well as lessons learn and losses. These are all expected within the initial five years of any new business. I am reviewing different ways to market and brand my name and lingerie line, TONGE Intimates, to where we will be known beyond our local status. We are going to reach and penetrate every home, electronic device, automobile and psyche. { yes, all of that! } The manifestation of the G-ClothG-Cloth_sample_loincloth has been pure fun and total elation. I want my men to know that I got you! TONGE Intimates more than women lingerie. And making theseIMG-20130624-01104[1] IMG-20130624-01103[1]   IMG-20130624-01100[1] GiGi Pouch aka panty purses! They are the little purse that store the private things in a big purse or it’s the little clutch you take out that holds all the important goods. They are made with durable fashion fabric, mainly denim, that can handle everyday use plus it helps that its sealant is Velcro! { wink, wink } The demands of these custom made beauties are BOOMING which has been a blast as well! IMG-20140502-01151[1] (this is made from thick fashion fabric, decorated with lace around the edges and a black chiffon lining. Va Va Voom! ) … Email me: myggspot@gmail.com is you are interested in getting one! Great gifts! It definitely sparks up a conversation, that’s for sure! I am registered with PayPal so everything is safe and secure!

I encourage all of you to stay with me and we will succeed together! This blog has been an amazing vehicle to meet, learn, share and grow within myself and with all of you, the world! I am planning a fashion show, a classic G. Tonge production, this year around the fall/winter season. TONGE Intimates will heat things up with the long anticipated, Papaya Paradise Collection 2015. I have my DJ on board, performers on board, garments in production… many things in the works! Keep close… more will be revealed in due time! =)) until then…

Au Revoir mon amies!!!! Merci beaucoup!!! =D Je t’aime!!!!!!

Thank you! I Love You!!!!!!! xoxoxo