Getting Hip to Hep C

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I want to share with you some information that had me rethink how and where we put our trust, in terms of hospitals and doctors. I have nothing but respect for all those who work in the healthcare field. Learning about the human body and the sea of various conditions, aliments and diseases that can interfere with our overall health. Now, let us say that there’s a person visiting the doctor for their annual check-up and as the person is waiting to see their doctor, a physician’s assistant comes in and takes their blood and checks their temperature – usual prep work- and the doctor comes in and goes through their usual visit routine. Everybody is clam and is under the impression that all is well. Some time has passed and the person gets sick from weather change and goes to the doctor about the cold thinking that it may be the seasonal flu but to the contrary, the doctor tells them that they have Hepatitis C. SURPRISE! Well, not so much but this story is a depiction of what’s really happening here in the USA .
There has been a lot of reports of a man who has been impersonating a doctor and giving patients the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) …. :-O WHAT?!?!?
Shocking I know, who or what reason is there for someone to do such a thing??? I haven’t heard of Hepatitis C since the death of America’s number one daredevil, the late Evel Knievel in 1999.
So what is Hepatitis C???
It is a disease that attacks the liver that can cause chronic infections which damages the liver and can lead to cancers, cirrhosis (the result of liver disease) and fatal malfunctions of the liver.
People who are affected by this more than likely will NOT have any symptoms, at least not until cirrhosis develops which may lead to liver failure, liver cancer and other life-threatening maladies.
The way people contract this is through blood to blood contact with transfusions, sharing needles and poor sterilized medical equipment.
The good news is that there is cure for it, in its early stages as of now. Progression is in progress!

* (information about the man who spreading hepatitis C)

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Question: Do you Love Yourself enough to let Love go?


Today a friend of mine shared with me the heartache of a relationship that is open yet operates as a committed relationship.
Now, both parties are sexually attracted to each other but are not exclusive. They hang out, at each others place. They share intimate thoughts and experiences with each other. They even party at the same places, but they did not arrive or depart together.
As time progressed feelings grew, natural thing in human beings, and expectations became regular and mandatory. One person expressed the desire to be exclusive yet the latter shys away on the matter and prefers to keep the title as friendship.
As result they separate but still are communicating; as if they did not demoted their relationship. As they are “apart” from each other they are still seeing other people but they are consumed with thoughts of what the other is doing? Or not doing? “Is she with that dude from the bar tonight?” “I saw him talk to that girl with the big butt, is he talking to her now?” My question is, what is purpose for plaguing your mind with such thoughts and wrap your emotions around the unknown? Is it to control the other person or the act of trying to control the situation? Listening to my friend reminded me of the episode of Sex and the City, where Samantha was in Las Vegas, Nevada with her girls and her beau (Richard). Richard and Samantha had an interesting open relationship where they honestly loved each other but enjoyed sleeping with other people. While on this trip, Richard was up in the penthouse suite while Samantha was down in the casino with the girls. Before she left for the casino, she saw the sexy housekeeper go in the hotel room. She spent majority of her time in the casino thinking about what Richard, might be, doing in the hotel room. So, she left her girls and ran up the stairs to the penthouse, elevators was talking a long time to her, in her pearl thongs. She bursted open the doors to find Richard on his laptop doing working. Through her panting and catching her breath she broke off their relationship; “Samantha, I love you,” said Richard “I love you too, but I love me more,” said Samantha. Thus that’s my point. Do you love yourself enough to chose you over the person whom you love?
So back to my friend, I suggest a complete separation… What do you suggest?This is a situation that is all too common of today’s mating game ,so to speak. Does people date anymore? What is courtship, does it exist anymore? What are the elements that make up a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?

Let me know!!!

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Missed you lots! Let’s Kiss (muah) :-*

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

Ca va bien? How you been?
2012 has been an interesting and inspiring ride thus far, for me and for TONGE!!!

Production of TONGE Intimates has been awesome, I’ve been invited to a fashion showcase in Nassau, Bahamas. I’ve worked on some recording artists projects. I’ve even worked with swimwear! *interesting how sewing it isn’t so easy. It was a great challenge still…
In midst of all the production and the numerous other projects I have in motion, I haven’t forgotten about you, my beloved readers!
I have been, still am working on a post about SEX… from a psychological standpoint not so much physical details.
It’s titled: Let’s Talk about SEX

I have been conducting interviews and gathering information from local people here in Atlanta, Georgia on whether: it is easier for single people to talk about what they like/dislike with the person they’re having sex with, oppose to those who are in a relationship? does media influence their perception on sex and relationships? do they know themselves enough to tell the person of interest what they like/dislike in the bedroom? *or wherever you like to do “it” ;-)) (wink, wink)
It has been a wild ride gathering, filtering and organising the responses. This post is going to be AWESOME and I know you all will thoroughly enjoy it as much as I am =))

*Merci beaucoup to EVERYONE who has participated! I greatly appreciate it. You guys ROCK!!!

I have much more to go with this post however I will keep all of you abreast of the progress!

Au revoir!!! :* :*