Does Work affect Passion?

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

In my absence these last few months I have been submerged in endless work in various areas in my daily lifestyle. While under the trenches of the many “things to do to survive” I realizated that I was beginning to feel empty in a different way, my days didn’t feel progressive or completed. I wondered what the reasons were, or the cause, to why I was feeling such a way. It wasn’t like I didn’t have a full day or that I didn’t do anything productive. It was something deeper.
Then one day while talking to someone about what our passions are, I realizated then that my feeling of uncompletion was my extensive time away from designing, creating, researching and producting Undergarments!
My panty production was on hold without consciously knowing I had put it on pause, for a longtime. My condition was serious, my body was aching to sew something.
To maintain your livlihood money is the source, in many cases. Often times one’s passion for life gets put on the back burner. And yet our body can physically manifest the lost into pain. Amazing isn’t it? What’s at stake to liberate oneself to living doing what pumps the blood to the heart of loving and living life.

Au Revoir =)