Sex & Keeping the Little Lady Happy

Bonjour Tout le Mode!

I was reading an article on women’s health and came across some interesting information I would like to share with you. 

As we know, the anatomy of men and women are like puzzles pieces. Men have more external parts where women have more internal parts. Which means, women are susceptible to scary organisms growing inside their lady happy place. Naturally, the vagina has “good” bacteria to promote and maintain a happy healthy habitat where microorganisms live. 

Now, there are many tricky aspects to keep the little lady and healthy. Often times typical imbalances gets misunderstood for something fatal when they are not. Here are some common the ugly manifestations of discomfort in the vagina that are not uncommon to have or experience, such as: Candidiasis aka Yeast Infection (yeast over growth in the vagina) and Bacterial Vaginosis aka BV (imbalance in the vagina where bad bacteria grows) both are NOT SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED however can make sex uncomfortable. 

I love sex like any other woman or man. I advocate doing what’s right to keep things on the up and up. Realistically, our pleasure organs can go through some things that we may not know it is, or how to resolve it. Yet once we find the answer, I always find myself wanting to have sex but not sure if doing the horizontal polka is wise to do. I thought I was alone thinking this until I came across this post from a gynecologist and obstetrician with the Mayo Clinic…

May this information encourage all of you to keep your little pleasure organ healthy and happy so we can spread and share the love with that lucky one(s) *wink wink*

Au revoir