Human Hunting Season: to be equip for a Positively Progressive Relationship

Salut Mon Aimes =)) 

     Have you noticed that every year around this season the people around you all turn into this cat in heat in search for an ideal mate for that moment or perhaps for a long period of time. Like a huntsman in search of prey, the human sensory devices gets active on a high frequency channeling and tuning into every walking human specie. Tingling to a sensation that will hopefully lead them to the prized catch. Some researchers say its mating/sexual pheromones that gives off that luring chemical release from the body which in turn grabs the attention of the potential mate, this is same for other species outside of human beings. There are the other group of researchers who believe that the law of attraction is more body language, the major line of communication that is often times misunderstood, misinterpreted and confusing. Plenty of us can all say, we have been stuck in a poodle perplexed about a situation with a person of interest over a matter that may or may not be minor and/or trivial in relevance to the big picture of the relationship.

Relationships, in these modern times, has an extra line in the dictionary now. There are more openly casual relationships than there was 20 years ago. People were still in the mind set to find a friend who would later be a great candidate to go study with and build a family. Anyone who was over 30 years of age who didn’t have children and was never married was silently ostracized in their circles of coupled and married friends. Now, to be 30 years old without children or marriage is like living life to the fullest, almost. Singles rule!

The flip-side to that is when the single life decides to join forces with another to have a couple life, the battle to find, or better yet to maintain balance of give & take can be a challenge. These days men are more open and vocal about what they want, what they are looking for and even what they are willing to tolerate with just as many women has been { I appreciate you men for that! =)) oui oui! Merci Beaucoup les hommes :*  } I have noticed that within my circle of friends, majority of them are setting realistic standards on who they are willing to date and invest a happy life ever after with. Which got my inquisitive mind wondering if that’s the “in” thing everybody is doing now or are we walking up to reality from a decade of slumber? Are we looking and wanting substance in within ourselves and in our mate? Then I had an EUREKA! question, ‘What are some key elements to a positive and progressive relationship?’ In my world, happiness is a state of mind. When people speak of a “happy relationship” they reflect back to how they felt with the person and how they miss that feeling, like an addict longing for a hit. The more successful relationships have growth, continually moving forward and not stagnant thoughts looking for something of the past. 

With that in mind, a collective group of individuals developed this list of key variables to a progressive relationship: 

*Effective Communication   *Honesty (with self and the other person)   *Openness (a sense of freedom)

*Laughter    *Similar interests/ likes     *Good sex     *Intellectual stimulation  

*Compassionate/Understanding   *Supportive    *Comfortable   *Friendship   *Respectful

*Knowledge of Self    *Progressive    *Loyal     *Balance    *Trustworthy

Those are just a few of what we came up with. I encourage all of you to make your list of what are key factors to an awesome relationship, no matter the capacity. All relationship requires a certain level of kindness, integrity and respect everything else and subject to interpretation. 

Please share you thoughts and your keys elements if its not up here. I will keep adding to the list, email me:

Merci Tout le Mode!!!! =))