And, it smells like….

Over this past week-end, I was taken from my fabric research to to be an ear for some individuals that had a list of questions about body odor in the genital region…
The questions I was asked reminded me of answers from old wives and their book of natural remedies: Apple Cider Vinegar, yoghurt or even ( dare I say it ) Bleach! — These are wild suggestions to the youths of today (or where we live) However; these homeopathic choices varied on the household and country. Since we are in the age of Information; I will do some research on this matter. Spring is coming and we all want those good attracting pheromones floating in the air and NOT bad body odor that can potentially singe our olfactory filaments! (olfactory filaments or nerves enable us to smell)
These are points that I’m looking into:*What are the various causes for genital smelling *Do males have internal issues that can produce an odor *What are some common prescriptions to cure or treatment these maladies or *Do the natural remedies work just as good (if not better) than the over-the-counter products…

If you have any questions in regards to this subject OR an idea for another PLEASE let me know!!! You can comment or email me ( Reference information is sooo WELCOMED!!!

Merci tout la mode!!! =)


Sorry about the Party

My deepest apologizes to everyone about the late notice about the Anti V-Day Dance Party.
We got word the party was cancelled SUPER late!!!
However, we will make it up to you all who participated in the trivia!
Just stay tuned to My G’s Spot’s Blog!!!