ElectroPort: AZTECS

Bonjour Tout le Mode =D!!!
Oui, it has been a long time! I have been traveling the world, I even went back in time!!! Oh! You don’t believe the last part??? Well, Come with me! Let’s go on a vaca from the mordernalized standard of underwear foundation, and go back in time with Dr. Osaka!!! The time machine odometer is set to the year of the Aztecs … No Luggage needed for this trip, just step into the abyss and keep your eyes wide open!!! Ready! Set! Jump!!!


This edition of Electroport had the most amazing theme with colourful characters that had tongue-twisting names, the props were creatively customized for the small space and the costumes was well put together {oh! and dare I say intriguing?!}



*Ice sculpture*

The performances …. how you say….. effin AWESOME!!!

*Benevelant good spirit*

*Tribal Dancers…. (and the special guest, heehee)

*Evil spirit*
{ ALL costumes were meticulously crafted and put together!!! Sequins, Beads, Feathers, Leather, etc… }

Trust me that was only a quick snippet of the primitive adventure through Dr. Osaka time machine –> insert evil laugh here x-))

The location of this astounding trip, is an actual ancient city in Mexico *Tenochtitlan* The story of this awesome adventure (the gist); There was a chief that ruled a beautiful city…

Who has two guards…..

Who were curious of the mysterious creatures who just appeared out of nowhere with a different skin tone, hair style and clothes.

After examination the strangers were greeted & welcomed in to the city with dance performances and later a virgin sacrifice! :-O Whoa!
{The costumes were simply a sensatation!!! Although my pictures aren’t professional you can still see the amazing craftsmanship in each piece. The costumes described the characters without hearing the dialogue! }

*Tribal Dancers*

*Warrior Dance*

As the Dr. and his sidekick were sleeping a Good Spirit entered into their dreams. Later the good spirit was something like a guardian angel.

*Good spirit in Dreams*

During the second part of the festivities the virgin was scheduled to be killed as a gift to the speical guest, who was Atlanta’s own Gripplies! …

However Dr. Osaka had an idea to “rescue” the girl who wasn’t happy about and he later realized his choice to save one lead to the kidnapping of his sidekick by the Evil Spirit.

*Scarificial virgin*

*Evil spirit sucking the sidekicks soul*
{ This spirit had LSD lasers beaming out of the palms of its hand }

Dr. Osaka, being the mastermind that he is, found a way to get her back, restored the proper date on the time machine for them to travel, and the rest was Free Jagger Shots out the spout of the ice sculpture!!! =D Tasty!!!

This ultra special Saturday night at MJQ was adorned with sooo many amazing talents, decorative hand-crafted costumes and beautiful people. I thoroughly enjoyed this edition of Electroport! Hope you enjoyed the trip as well!!! =D