The Importance of Quality & Purpose: Bras and Panties pt. une (1)

This post is to enlighten & educate you on a topic that is commonly misunderstood.

The importance of the two foundations (Panties & Bras). The main purpose of these were to serve as a pratical, functional & healthy aide for the body.   This was the standard until the 1940s, when a brave man decided to open up a store (Fredrick’s of Hollywood) catering to the fashionable & glamourous side of undergarments, later known as Intimate Apperal.” This is perhaps the great turning point when panties became more than simple hygenie products and developed into an icon of pleasure and sexuality.” We will begin with the history of…


The name Panty, for women’s underpants, varies on the country (America~Panties/ England~Knickers/ Japan~Pantsu). The history of panties dates back centuries ago depending on the reign; the main purpose of them were soley for functionality more so than sexuality. Protection & cleanliness of the outergarments were of great importance, as well as:: 1. Shape  2. Hygenie  3. Modesty.

Insight to the thought behind underwear. In the 1800s the name for underwear for women was ‘drawers’, this is due to the type of undergarement that was designed at that time; women wore full body outfits-some came to the waist-that had a flap in the back for toilet convenience. As time progressed the length of ‘drawers’ got shorter & slimmer; soon by the  1930s, it extended down to cover part of the thigh. The modification didn’t stop at the thigh, it only got shorter & shorter and once the 1950s rolled around the brith of the Panty happened. Of course, during these times the panty was as big, baggy & unattractive-thus came the name ‘briefs’. As the panty came into play, corsets & other sexy underwear (lingerie) was already on the market in Hollywood at Fredrick’s of Hollywood, becoming “glamorized” by the elite & famous. So by the 1960s, a sleeker version of ‘briefs’ were hitting the market (string panty or glamour string). Thus creating a sensous feel that spawned a demand in a market were such things were taboo. Little did we know that that was just the beginning of the sea of variety panties that now flood our drawers.

Panties became -still is- colourful, bright, sexy & flashy! The title Undergarements was replaced with Intimate Apparel. The evolution of change,  liberation & self identification showed through a women’s unmentionables. For instance in the 1970s, with the sexual revolution, panties got even smaller & skinner which gave a different twang to a women’s sexuality & liberation. The self recognition in a women from a panty didn’t stop in the ’70s but continued to inspire within the decades to come. Now the intimate apparel industry makes all types of panties with all kinds of material to give a woman what she wants in the sense of look & feel. This is definitely a long way from cleanliness, protection & function!  

In our multi-diversed, informative & outspoken society, women’s take on undergarments are as loose as leaf on a well rooted tree. The ideals and views are so broad that the function and purpose has lost its purpose. The ocean of types of panties: Bikinis, String bikinis, Boyshorts, French cuts, Thongs,  & even G-strings, gives the woman the option go without “commando” is a common healthy choice these days; Next to 100% cotton croutch lining. ( We will cover that later)…

However, this is just an introduction for insight on the infmaous Panty… There is more to come on the subject!   Next we will talk farther on the definition & purpose of the different types of panties; as well as talk about the various materials used to make them. >>>What is healthy, comfortable, functional for everyday or for special moments. Stay tuned…

Au Bientot!

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If you were to wear any type of undergarment that described how you feel, which would it be? 1.Panties 2.Boxers 3.Bra 4.Bustier

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