‘Tis the Season…. Check-in!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

This is the time of the year where we get all wrapped up in deciding what to do OR what to get for our loved ones, co-workers, friends and/or associates -busniess or otherwise-; whether it’s toys, books, clothes, car or money ( can’t go wrong with money! ) we wreck our brains and pockets for the best, economical gift!

In mist of us going coo-coo for these special gifts, we sometimes forget that some “gifts” aren’t worth giving or getting from those we care about. What am I talking about??? STDs, my friends!!!! Sexuall Transmitted Dis-ease!!!!! I know you weren’t thinking about this; however with all the exciting and vibrant ads on TV and the Internet on material gifts and sexy fun time clothes and things, something as important as STDs gets put on the back burner of our minds! ( I, too, tend to forget ) As I’m sewing special naughty delightful things, I’m not thinking about the negative after effects of what a grrrreat sexual experience and bring!
*this sweet BlackBerry lace shorts with snap sides can definitely be distracting… OR
*this delightful Milky Way Playsuit with elastic strings on the back (top & bottom) can deter one’s thought of caution before play!

But we must do what we can to “play” safe in closing of this year and the opening of the next!!! I greatly encourage everyone to get a check up to make sure everything is still in tack and sqeaky clean! So, as your wrapping up gifts & things for everyone; Please Wrap-up the most pleasureable valueable jewels this Christmas!!!
IF your sensitive to the common protectants ( like latex or spermicides )there are plenty safe alternatives!!!
–> Polyurethane condoms ( Trojan & Durex has them); Polyisoprene condoms ( Durex Avanti & Lifestyles has them ) & Female condoms ( FC2 has ployurethane and Nitrile ) *These are the better choices to protect against STDs, STIs and pregancy* there is also Lambskin -this is a natural membrane that’s not totally STD protective but it gets lots of praise; Nonoxynol-9 ( ENCARE vaginity suppository not much a STD blocker but works well with the polyurethane and lambskin condoms ) *mind you they DO NOT prevent STDs or STIs but has prevent pregancy*

Nothing sucks more than bringing in the New Year being burnt or without knowing what your sexual status is!!! If you are like me and have a Bday coming up soon, that can Really put a damper on the always pleasurable Bday Sex!!!! =D
I’m sure we all enjoy those!!!!

Let’s make our 2011 a heavenly blissful one!!! Keep watch for more pictures and products from TONGE Intimates!!!! I’ve been getting plenty request for customized men underwear, which puts a HUGE smile on my face!!!! =D
So, definitely keep up with the TONGE cause we are doing BIG things as well as, staying positive & productive!!!!
I will check in with you again before the end of the year 2010 and hopefully you treated yourself to knowing where your status!!!
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Have a very Merry X-mas!!!!!! from TONGE Intimates!!!!!! Au Revoir!!!