They ate, They came and I conquered :: The Chocolate & Lace Story

Bonjour tout le mode!!!

Well, where to begin…. the show was a smashing! The models were great! The edible delights ( angel Made Bakery) broaden minds with the rich and flavourful vegan desserts! D. Norris and his partner did their thing on the dance floor! You had to see the excitement on the Hot Seat participant! It was awesome!
I’ve been waiting for pictures for about 3 weeks now and still havent received any to show you all the chocolatey greatness that came out that night.

Biggup to JaVaughn Nader for this flyer design!

To make up for the delay and the lack of pictures, I will post up the photoshoot scheduled…. =)

Now its time to go to Jamaica!!! Til next time my friends!

Au revoir