Exclusive Underwear Questionnaire!!! (short version)

This is a questionnaire to get a better grasp of what people like or want in underwear – be it men or women-… These are general questions that will help me create that ideal underwear for you!


Thank you in advance in participating in the movement to revoluntionize the why we wear underwear!!! =)

     Q1.  Do you like wearing underwear? (yes/no)

     Q2.  What type of underwear do you like to wear? (boxers/boyshorts/bikinis/briefs—etc…)

     Q3.  What kind of material you like to wear?  (cotton/silk/satin/hemp—etc…)

     Q4.  What are your problem areas with your underwear?  (too tight/crouch area too small/not wide around the thighs—etc…)

     Q5.   What is your least favourite underwear?

  Merci beaucoup! =) 


The Intermission from… The Importance of: Bras and Panties

I apologize for the prolonged second installment to the four part formula of the basic information on … UNDERWEAR. The history of and the ideal material for, as well as, the health ups and downs with the fascinating & wonderful selection of undergarments. {Panties *boyshorts, binkinis, g-stings, thongs, brazilian cuts, etc*, Bras *demi, balcony, full, etc*, Gridles, Slips, Bustiers, Nighties, Corsets, etc. I will also, share with you some of the taboos that erupted into obstacles when undergarments became a fashion focus (intimate apparel) and not the just functional piece(underwear).

See, What Had Happened… =):  

Whilst I was on the mission to complete the research and submit Part Deux(2) of: Panties, I came across many individuals who was shocked and amazed at my passion for something that’s not what many people put much thought into. I admit at first I was a little perplexed to why people didn’t care much about their undergarments. Then I realized that the common perception of undergarments is relatively basic and isn’t the highest of priorities for the general mass of people. In the beginning, I was that person who didn’t know or cared enough to know the importance of panties, especially bras. They were just pieces fabric under my clothes. Alas as years past, I have came to understand that there is much more to it than that.

The Purpose of this Blog:

I’m a graduate of business and I noticed that undergarments are a necessity that is bought all the time everyday yet, it is also commonly underrated. The amount of stores that carry any form of underwear (hosiery, socks, long johns, etc) surpasses the number of grocery stores! (Food is also a passion of mine) It’s amazing how little we think of what we put put on underneath our clothes. I want to share the education and my journey to fully overstanding undergarments with you through this blog. 

This blog is part of my mission to share my passion and everything that is intimate apperal. My vision also consists of developing my intimate apparel line (TONGE), this will reflect my long fond love for panties-food-knowledge-colour & other undergarments.  Alongside my online store, (Gs Spot-mygsspot.com) it’s currently under construction, will create a place where individuals can have of a visual of intimate pieces that will appeal to their liking, as well as be available for purchase.

I’m aiming to share with you all of what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, about undergarments in its entirety. Including the correlation it has with our health. The knowledge of the foundation of what we wear is deeper than it appears to be. For both men and women, we all have to care for ourselves and feel the utmost of importance because we took that extra time to care for ourselves. In the manner which, we know what we have on underneath our clothes promotes and benefits to our health.

Quick Elaboration:

Through my research, when it comes to the female body-in particular the reproductive area-it is so sensitive & complex at the same time. Every woman’s body isn’t the same; our body temperatures, the amount of liquids that we naturally produce, the daily activities we do or don’t do, our hygenie routine are all a factor in the equation, there are so many variables, to understand the female anatonomy. With that said, the type of dye, lining material in the crotch area, and the elastic/band around the waist can have sufficient effect on a women’s body type, shape, even the sensitivity and/or her pH levels when wearing a panty.

*Cotton lining are usually the common choice to buy-due to the moisture absorbing fibers it has. This doesn’t really help neutralize the temperature nor does it give the little beauty down there some air!*

Studies show that other natural fibers and materials (bamboo, hemp, soy, etc) are better than or comparable to cotton. Now, many of us women haven’t thought about the differences in bras nevermind the importance of panties. In Part Deux (2), I will provide the sites and books to the information I share. However I do encourage you to check out the facts yourself, its all public and accessible. Google them. WebMD them.

 Self Educate & Share!

We should take a little more care into the undergarments we wear.