Madame G

Bienvenue Tout le Mode!!!

It greatly pleases me that you are taking the time to explore your naturally inhibited side. I welcome ALL ideas, questions, comments & suggestions.

So, qui es “who is” Gtonge aka Madame G???

GEO_3880hr Mme. G – the Undergarment Specialist

I am a complex woman who loves simple tings. I am of West Indian descent, Brooklyn, New York native and my business, G. Tonge Enterprise, LLC  is homebased in Atlanta, Ga. I love to travel the States and the World learning, exploring, eating and creating. I am building an empire centered around Undergarments, Sex, Nature and Education. I firmly believe in Knowledge being a source of Power & Success.

It was these factors that lured me into the fashion industry. I had just finished getting my Business Management degree and turned around to get my Fashion Marketing & Design degree. I have the same vision now, as I did when I enrolled into fashion school, that is to create the ultimate underwear that is beneficial for the body and the environment. I will achieve this my making my intimate apparel from all natural fabrics with innovative designs that looks sexy & stylish and healthy. The reason I am focused on health with my panties and tings, is that it’s known that not all fabrics are made for every persons skin type. Some people have more sensitive skin than others and anatomically speaking; men and women look for different things when it comes to the functionality of their underwear. I want to accommodate to those specific needs and I will provide the product.  As well as, introduce you to other great creations that I made and of my circle of talented friends!

Let’s learn together and share what motivates us! Release your reservations and lose yourself within yourself (sounds very lava lamp-ish but… it’s truth.) An ancient saying is that ‘Man is his own Enemy’. I believe fear is a made-up concept, like the boogey man, to keep you in a box. Many people are fearful of their own sexuality, for whatever reason, I can understand. I encourage individuals to email me, ask me questions or suggest a topic for me to post. Let me represent you and your curious mind, because I have one =)) *all submissions are confidential unless told otherwise*

D’accord “OK”

Here in my spot….. Leave fear at the door and enter these realms of pleasurable enchantment open-minded. I guarantee you will learn something new about yourself and/or about life in whichever aspect that speaks to you. May you share what you gain here…. at….

The G Spot

Merci Beaucoup to photographer Vincent, for being patient with me during the “30 minute” photoshoot! =)) visit his website and really get in touch with your sensuous side!

If you want to contact me: email is most effective —

Au Revoir!!!


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