Let’s Catch Up!

Bonjour tout le mode!!!!

It has definitely been a while since my last post, what’s going on? Let’s catch up!!! =D

Where to start?!?! How can I be concise with the details?!?! Hmmmmm…
Well, after Electroport: the Aztecs trip,
{ if you haven’t read the post on this extraordinary trip back in time with Dr. Osaka — u must read it!!! https://gtonge.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/electroport-aztecs/ OR go Catagories: Click Electroport:AZTECS }
I have been working on G.Tonge Enterprise project, this is my company’s first official step towards producing and showcasing the intimate apparel/lingerie line, launching TONGE Intimates!!! =D

TONGE Intimates is my very own intimate apparel company. I aim to attract and serve everyone who has intimate desires and ideas. What I mean by that is, I ask what you like and what with your ideas and suggestions I create it. I take the ideas and brainstorm on a sensuous creative way to portray it with a G. Tonge twist ;D!!!

The 1st taste (i.e preimere show) was 22nd August 2010 at the Nauughty Girl Slumber Party held at Atlanta’s infamous MJQ Concourse.
This naughty night affair was hosted by Michael Payne aka Big Daddy, who had sure that anyone who attended was in character!!!The theme: All girl “slumber party” & the boys had to “sneak” in. There was Pizzaboys, Human Lampshades, Dirty old men, Plumbers, Human teddybears, couch potatoes & I even saw a human pink pony!!! And without question there was half naked bodies Lol!!!

I, TONGE Intimates, was the featured lingerie designer for the event.There was theme to the collection — adding on to the madness of the night. =) hehehe…
Here are some pictures { I only have a few decent for public viewing pictures so please bear with me! lol! 🙂 hehehehe}:
ThemeThe Naughty Candy man introducing his product
CollectionNaughty Candy Girls

Model: Sky Hy as “The Naughty Candy Man”

Models: (Left to Right) TinneWinne, Hillary, Kenischa,& LaToya

The next picture gives you an idea of how naughty it got!!!

The Naughty Candy Man is demostrating the various ways one would enjoy the products…

Indeed it was a Naughty Slumber Party! =D I will have a photoshoot with the Naughty Candy Man & his Naughty Candy Girls so that you will have better view of the pieces!!!

If you have ever wondered…. “How can I get some of those HOT undies or lingerie???” Well! I am in the process of creating a home for all the intimate & naughty undergarments I post on here! Keep watch for pantiesntings.com =D !!!
I have also bought this My G’s Spot a new domain name!!! itsmygspot.com =D !!! You can now get your undies unplugged directly from this name instead of typing the old long one!!!

That’s about it!!! I think I did pretty well condensing the massive amount of progressive madness!!! =D Definitely stay in tuned!!!!

Au Revoir mon amies!!!