Science can lead to Love

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How are you all? All is well with me here, been quite busy! I have to share with you all what my inquisitive mind been up to! You see, Fall is around the corner and I’ve been noticing the cuddle birds are out gathering potential flock to snuggle up with this coming fall/winter season. black-love  love_couples_kiss  indian-love_embrace  blak_love_wedding  couple_chilling_rose    jada-will_kiss_love_embrace  love-hands-lock ooh la la!!!

There has been numerous articles, research findings, theories, folklore sayings and quizzes spreading the logical why’s, what’s & how’s to explain the path of love, or better yet the desire. It’s known that human beings has a certain drive to connect with someone on an intimate level. The closeness brings about a certain feeling of comfort and vulnerability; which often leads to the unsaid role of ownership , meaning that person who was once their own individual is now “your baby”, “your boo” or “your bae”. kissy_faces  A relationship develops and the depths of it is usually conceived in one’s head – not both minds. Unless true love is found and both persons finds themselves wrapped into a new world of awe, intrigue and bliss over each other. Love struck hold of the heart and mind.  Many people are content with this initial step yet there is more to Love than just meeting your mate. What about the questions of “how to do we make this last?” or “is this love my soulmate or a honest friend?” Often times we mix our wants and ideals with what is reality. More times then not, we assume that both parties in the relationship are on the same page of views and understanding of what the relationship is and/or where it is going. It is fair to say not everyone is concerned with where there love-life is going, just as long they are not travelling it alone. There are those are do care about what direction their love smitten heart is leading them. love_struck_follows

So, what to do?I have came across a few clips from various websites and read a few articles, out of curiosity, to see what new information has science discovered on the matter. Interesting how the world describes what Love is. The answer is pure perception per individual, meaning Love can mean Anything to anyone! What science does, in my opinion, pave a way for a person to find within themselves who they are and what they really what. People seek more than just a companion when they are on the quest for Love. Checkout this video clip I watched on the TedTalks website:

After watching that clip, it dawned on me that I wasn’t completely solo in my thought about what people are really asking, or wanting when it comes to Love. Oui, it’s remarkably easy to fall in love; however the key is to define the love you want then relay your desire to the person you find ideal to share it with. In doing so, one can only cross their fingers that those feelings and ambitions would be reciprocated. Putting oneself out in the open to feel vulnerable isn’t the most embraced move to make yet in the end, strength is gained.

My dance with love is unlike that of Mary Len Catron, who created the infamous 36 Questions article, she discovered love with her colleague and they are still together today. Many romantics read about finding love this way yet very few end up as a happy ending; especially when you meet people online oppose to meeting them face-to-face. I am believer of Love, I believe you can love as many people in a variety of ways, should one’s heart desire such. On the B-side of that, honesty with yourself, being knowledgeable on what you want and communicating these to whomever you chose is très très important!!! I find myself in the cross paths of wanting to go with the flow with my love mate sly_faces___love_struck_heart-leads and defining what I want out of this progressing love we have; however in these days going with the wave of intimacy can easily lead to nowhere. The questions are: What do you want? What are you willing to tolerate? Are you willing to be patient with you? … Share your thoughts with me! I would love to hear them!!!

Thanks to the TedTalks website for providing the best and most influential material!!! For those who are curious to what the 36 Questions are, the NY Times made a website of it! Check it out and may this guide you to a deeper profound love within yourself and your potential mate! >>> <<<

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Say What, Female Viagra!?!?!

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Have you heard the FDA has finally said,” Oui! ” to endorse the long awaited libido buster for women thanks to Flibanserian, it has been loosely labelled the “female Viagra”.

Yes, mon amies, the decade long joke is becoming a reality! Last week Thursday, 24 people decided to review and recommend the production of this pink pleasure pill. The leading star, Flibanserien, like all pharm-drugs, has a list of side-effects that threatens: normal body functions, levels of blood pressure and so on. Which was the prime reason the FDA rejected the approval for this synthetic sex-drive enhancing drug twice in 2010 and in 2013; also in 2010, a similar panel of experts within the FDA voted against it.


It’s not new news that the female body is complex, so much so, that some regulations to ensure that the woman’s health isn’t in any immediate danger or that the drug won’t add to any existing problems, is wise, strongly advised and should be implemented; thus the need for FDA’s approval.

With the success of Viagra back in 1998, discovering that increasing blood flow to the genitals reverses the erectile dysfunction. Since then there has been a search for a female equivalent. The mission wasn’t easy, in the words of “… women’s desire have proven resistant to drug’s that act on blood flow, hormones and other simple biological functions” the closest to a solution came from Flibanserian, this chemical drug acts on serotonin (a neurotransmitter, that is involved in sleep,depression, memory, and other neurological processes) and other brain chemicals. Originally created as an antidepressant, the purpose of this drug was redirected to becoming a pill for boosting the libido in women when reports showed it raised levels in their sexual appetite.

What was the changing factor in the minds of the FDA committee last week Thursday?

A host of advisories presented information showing the statistical margins of the side effects and what actually triggered them. Taking flibanserien while drinking alcohol or taking other commonly used drugs, for instance anti-fungal drugs heightens the chance of adverse reactions. Scientists have been tweeking and modifying the drug, to where some positive results and feedbacks from the women who took flibanserin daily opposed to those who took the placebo. The studies show that these women experienced an slight increase in their sexual satisfaction, sexual desire and a decrease in stress.

The panel agreed, 18-6, that proper labelling and education, giving warning to the side effects is essential. To list a few of the potential dangers: fainting, dizziness, in-coherency, low blood pressure and even nausea. Not bad compared to other drugs on the market; however as Dr. Tobias Gerhard of Ruthers University, explains, ” We really know almost nothing about the actual clinical effects of using this product together with alcohol. ”  so one must proceed with caution when considering this pleasure enhancing pill that will be prescribed to premenopausal women. The decision will be final by August, for right now it’s all excitement.

Amazing ain’t it!? Enjoying life and living stress free is a natural way to stay sexually hungry! =D au revoir!!!! 


A Body Shaving Update!

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It had been over 2 years since I have posted, ‘ Body Shaving: A Trimming Trend ‘ and after that success I continued my research to find the ideal razor for me. Once I ruled out hair removal creams ( my patience just won’t tolerate it and the gross smell… yucky!  ) stinky_face_emojicon, Brasilian waxes ( frankly, I don’t like pain. I would rather get a tattoo ) hurt_face_emojiconand Electric razors ( all I can say is blood and bumps… you put it together ) dislike_emoticon I realised that a razor was my speed. So, the next step was to find the proper razor for MOI. I have experimented with various numbers of blades on razors looking for what would give me the closest shave and least chance of getting razor bumps bumps_by_bikini line aka in-grown hair bumps. {no that is NOT my bikini line… This lady is wearing pink NOT my colour} Now, essentially it is all about technique, speed and after-shave care. ( Oui, there’s a science to shaving, some would go as far to say shaving is an Art) Also, i would add in skin-type. Much of these razors come with a lubricated strip for additional moisture, good idea; however if you have sensitive skin you may want to make sure whatever is the cooling agent is on that razor is positive for your skin. Now, I am more the rugged lady who once was the tom-boy on the block than the prissy girlie lady who once had a princess themed bedroom and wore tiaras on my birthday. I say that to give background to my late introduction into body shaving. I never cared until I went to the neighbourhood pool and saw attractive half-naked boys and girls in cute swim wear with no hair peeping out the sides of their swimsuit…. like this –> pubic45  I quickly realised that I might have to clean-up my poolside appearance. That’s when body shaving entered my world. Over the years I have used different ways to remove my body hair and I have found that razors work best for me. I have better control over my shaving. I had the best results with my bikini line and my underarms with the Noxema brand of shavers, The bikini and the bikini-line + trim noxema_bikini_razor noxema_bikni shaver + trim Once I got accustomed to these, the store where I bought them from stopped selling them. So, I was back to square one. Lost in the sea of shavers and sure where to paddle so I chose to use what majority of everyone was using so I moved on to the two blades, double bladed_razors_images I used all types for women, men and people with sensitive skin. The reaction to these double blades left my underarms and bikini-line irritated so, I upgraded my blades to three three_blade_razor  w the aloe & shea butter strips. I still came up with the same results. I decided to go up to four blades four_blade_razor at that point I was wondering if I was doing too much, I didn’t see any difference with the aftermath of the shaving. Then I saw a five blade razor five_blade_razor  and the six blade razor six_blade_razor and did I mention the blades with a micro chip?!? Weird! (1) I didn’t know such blades existed then (2) were these more effective with each stroke and time then the others with less number of blades. So, I started to research the history of shaving again and I came across the key factor. Simplicity.   So, I went backwards and bought a single blade disposable razor Single_blade_disposable_shaving_razor … using the shaving techniques that ensures close & smooth results, plus I use a new razor with each shave. The results were satisfactory,  I found my razor! =D yaaaaay!!!! Would you believe there are multi-blade razors out there?!?! I was wide-eyed over the Duode 12 blade razor 12_blade_razor and the ridiculous 22 blade razor 22blades_razor by Gillette. All I can say about these hair removing devices is….. In the words of my man, Inspector Gadget “Yeowizzers!!!!” I encourage all of you do your due diligence and find what works best for you! Everyone on this planet is different, so what works for one may NOT work for another. Be intrepid, open and experiment! Merci Beaucoup mon amies!!!!


All images came from .. Merci Google!!!! 

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Happy Singles Day!!!!!

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Today is a celebration for those who has yet to be paired with their ideal mate. The person who is willing to tolerate and grow with another on one platform in their lives or another.

I know you are probably thinking… is this legitimately real? … The answer is, Oui! It is! =D I know is sounds bizarre like, Steak & a Blow Day aka Mens Valentines Day … However just like how that day came into existence so did this day.

It originates from a college campus in China back in 1993, Nanjing University – to be exact. It was primarily for the men, Bachelor’s Day, but that didn’t last to long, Singes Day became a day for both genders to come together, socialize and party. In our youth, we don’t really need a deep or profound reason to party, any day can be a day to celebrate some facet of life! On the 11th of Novembre, it is purely about the four single number ones (11.11) which explains the title, Singles Day. This day gained popularity once the founders graduated from the university and took it into society. To participate is simple, many singles would just get together and party, whether at a club, karaoke or blind dating. The object is to find a mate, nonetheless, find someone who will make the single into a pair… singles_day_couple_image this day comes with a signature meal as well, it’s called, Youtiao (deep-fried dough sticks) representing the four “ones” in “11.11” and one Baozi (steamed stuffed bun) representing the middle dot. singles-day-02_food_image  Isn’t that yummy looking!!! I would totally eat that and dunk my youtiao in some organic soy sauce and wash it down with some plum wine =D!!!

Over 20 years later, and this day has grown from just the college campus between the youths, it had developed into a great opportunity for businesses to make some moo-lah as well!!!! In our tech savvy world, Singles Day is considered one of the biggest online shopping days in China & globally! singles_day_shopping_ad_images It is like the American equivalent to Valentines Day, which is also the biggest shopping day next to Christmas. In Octobre of 2012, one company in China, Alibaba Group, alibaba_11.11 day_images trademarked the term “双十一” (meaning “Double 11”) {registration numbers 10136470 and 10136420}*  They recognized the financial impact of this day and sought legal rights over it. It was reported in 2012, that an online shopping mall, Taobao, grossed about $19 billion CNY, in product! That is about $3 billion USD!!! I mean jut look at this chart, alibaba_money chart_11.11 day_image ,  now tell me, who says there isn’t a price on LOVE?!?!?!! We are in a materialistic world and buying a gift for love of another, for self or for both is normal. And not doing so is viewed negatively.

What I have learned from this day is… No matter what day it is… Always celebrate YOU!!! AwesomeSingles

This day also raised a lingering question I’ve been wondering about for sometime…. What constitutes one as being single? I mean, if you are in a relationship are you still “single”? Does marriage remove the uncertainty and lack of commitment that couples have who are not married? What defines boyfriend/girlfriend relationships & marriages? … Hmmm, something to discuss with your single friends and married ones! This day is a day of finding that someone to make your solo moments a duo! More happy days shared with another, opposed to focusing on whats absent and the emotional anchor that follows, like this picture –> S.A.D_singles day_images Being alone bring a different level of joy, I believe this kind of thought supports this “holiday”, as it’s viewed in some places, I like to see today like this picture –> singles_day_image2  .. What are your thoughts about today? Discuss and share your thoughts! I would love to know!!! =D

Enjoy the day! Au revoir!!! =D

OH! If you are wanting to participate via online shopping, has an Awesome deal exclusively for this day!!! I LOVE ME DAY!!!! 

*the information came from

Money in my Panties

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How all of you been? It has been another stretch of time since we last been connected! Let me share with you a bit of what I’ve been up to and also show some raw pictures of my progression!

My company, G. Tonge Enterprise, LLC, has been researching and exploring some options to strengthen our vision and focus. On the side, even though it consumes majority of my physical time, I am constantly balancing two demanding jobs in the customer service & hospitality industry. I love meeting the variety of people my path intersects with on a daily bases. It is, literally mentally exhausting; however I am able network while getting paid! That’s a Plus & I LOVE it! =D In the spare hours, my supposed to be “off-days” I am in the sewing lab! Papaya Paradise is still underway and the rapid development of my coin purses aka the GiGi Pouch (***patent pending***) is taking flight!

Here are some GiGi Pouches I have made for people!

Gigi Pouch_gift_kendra_HMS This a basic Gigi Pouch, made with thick fashion fabric without the wristband attached. Velcro fastening. Perfect size for all the important and small things that can get lost in a big purse OR if you work in a high security environment, like the airport, the Gigi Pouch is good for keeping private things just that, Private! Here is the recipient of the gift… My former supervisor Gigi Pouch_gift_Kendra_kisses1 Kendra Dean-Ajikanle

Gigi Pouch_gift_Melrose_no strap This is a gift a made for my Godmother, I made this with a denim type fashion fabric with a slim wristband. Gigi Pocuh_gift_godmoms_1 The crotch is wide ideal for the latest android model phones, like the Samsung Galaxies, LG G series and those other huge faced tv screen sized phones. The fastening is Velcro to make it easy to manage and adjust to any oddly shaped objects.
*** I will have a picture of her w her Gigi Pouch soon***

1stPantyPurse_gift_stephanie_RED This is the first Gigi Pouch with an inside coin pocket. I used a basic pasley print fashion fabric. Very simple with a lace ribbon bow. An old co-worker wanted it, PantyPurse_gift_stephanie_RED_2  I appreciate the interest Stephanie B.!

This is the second one of the first round of prototypes of the Gigi Pouch Gigi Pouch_gift_lisa_front with an inside pocket Gigi Pouch_gift_inside pocket the same material with lace sides making this one sexy pouch for one of my favourite motivational speakers and authors, Gigi Pouch_gift_lisa_smiling Lisa Eddie-Rimpson    doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile!

These are but a few of what I’ve been up to! Much LOVE to my readers are still with me and referring this site and my work to their friends and family! Merci Beaucoup to all my people who received a TONGE original! My gratitude to a of you!!!

Do you want one? Christmas is near and I have a special order for 10!!! Email me: 

Au Revoir

I’m 4 Years Old Today!!!

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Oui! Oui! Aujourd’ hui my business, G. Tonge Enterprise, LLC turns FOUR years old!!!! Yes, the Big 0-4!!! I am thoroughly excited and sincerely proud of myself for continuing to follow my dream, my passion to my destiny. I have an ultimate goal and this billion dollar road WILL lead me there! I just know it!

I want to BIGGUP ALL OF YOU who continue to read, share and comment. I see we share the same interests. I will continue to discover and share useful health information, fun facts on Health Sex & Undergarments!  With my numerous hats my consistency has been roller coaster =) I greatly appreciate of you for sticking with me along this ride.

Much success has came in these four years, as well as lessons learn and losses. These are all expected within the initial five years of any new business. I am reviewing different ways to market and brand my name and lingerie line, TONGE Intimates, to where we will be known beyond our local status. We are going to reach and penetrate every home, electronic device, automobile and psyche. { yes, all of that! } The manifestation of the G-ClothG-Cloth_sample_loincloth has been pure fun and total elation. I want my men to know that I got you! TONGE Intimates more than women lingerie. And making theseIMG-20130624-01104[1] IMG-20130624-01103[1]   IMG-20130624-01100[1] GiGi Pouch aka panty purses! They are the little purse that store the private things in a big purse or it’s the little clutch you take out that holds all the important goods. They are made with durable fashion fabric, mainly denim, that can handle everyday use plus it helps that its sealant is Velcro! { wink, wink } The demands of these custom made beauties are BOOMING which has been a blast as well! IMG-20140502-01151[1] (this is made from thick fashion fabric, decorated with lace around the edges and a black chiffon lining. Va Va Voom! ) … Email me: is you are interested in getting one! Great gifts! It definitely sparks up a conversation, that’s for sure! I am registered with PayPal so everything is safe and secure!

I encourage all of you to stay with me and we will succeed together! This blog has been an amazing vehicle to meet, learn, share and grow within myself and with all of you, the world! I am planning a fashion show, a classic G. Tonge production, this year around the fall/winter season. TONGE Intimates will heat things up with the long anticipated, Papaya Paradise Collection 2015. I have my DJ on board, performers on board, garments in production… many things in the works! Keep close… more will be revealed in due time! =)) until then…

Au Revoir mon amies!!!! Merci beaucoup!!! =D Je t’aime!!!!!!

Thank you! I Love You!!!!!!! xoxoxo