Does Stress lead to Sex?

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I just had the most invigorating morning walks on my block today. The flowers, the sunshine, my neighbours bustling by, the birds and even the garbage truck was tranquil and enjoyable. I’ve been having a highly stressful past few days, one of the most troubling situations…. My Phone …. was STOLEN!!!  Image I was so livid with the whole situation that I felt sick to my stomach for at least two days, all I could think about was my phone and any down time from that was pure sexual thoughts. WHAT the Hell?!?!?!! I asked myself, ‘how could my mind be so caught up in sex in a crisis like this!?!’ This wasn’t the first time this happened other stressful events had me think of pouncing on a penis, like a puma to their prey. I still didn’t have an answer so I went online this time to discover what the doctors and sex therapists had to say.

 “The adrenaline and the non-adrenaline hormones in the body of a human being are responsible for various feelings like anger, happiness, passion and the urge to have sex.” Says Dr Rajan Bhonsle, a consultant in sexual medicine and counsellor. Image

The hormones Dr. Bhonsole speak of are: Epinephrine aka adrenaline, is an adrenal gland that releases this hormone ( a hormone that tells the heart to pump harder, increases blood pressure, opens the lungs air channels, narrows the blood vessels in the skin and the intestines to up the blood flow to other major muscles areas) along with Cortisol ( it’s responsible for: blood regulation, proper glucose metabolism, releasing insulin for blood sugar balance, inflammatory response & immune function)  these are what our bodies naturally produce as a defense or a helping aid in times of stress. The Flight-or-Fight decision automatically starts to develop within our body, “should we stay and fight this situation or leave?” is the question that’s internally asked and answered. This process can be divided into two types of stresses, negative and positive <- this one is called Eustress ( it is considered the “healthy” stress because it’s positive side to a challenging situation or equation. It’s the reason you get up in the morning, it’s the smile to adjustment of something new, it’s the math equation that looks difficult but inside you know you can get the answer and it’s the mojo in the moment when you see THAT one alone and in that moment is the time to approach.)  As our body is going through its decision making process, deciphering what is what, the mind can wonder to a more pleasant place where sexual activities roam freely. In a situation where the stress levels can rise so can one’s adrenaline; however the flip-side to that is if the stress is high the libido aka our sex-drive can be low, which will not put a person in the mood thus resulting in that person being a victim of chronic stress. Many of us on this planet, I am sure, have had a point in our lives that was highly stressful and sex was the last thing on the mind.

Human beings are creatures of habit, I mean that by saying we have Sex. It is inevitable, it will happen. Yet in the times we are living in, sex may not always be the end result if one is in a sour mood, having a hard time coping with a stressful moment, have a high blood pressure, ability to orgasm or even heavily medicated. There are a sea scientific studies showing linkage between a persons mood and a sex life. It is said that people who are in a good mood are more inclined to have sex often, whereas those who are in a sucky mood {pun not intended, heehee} may not have sex as much. Let’s flip the coin: studies have shown that if a person is in a foul mood or stressed, Sex can lessen the stress and shift the mood to a more happier one! This is done by the mind releasing it’s “feel good” hormone called Endorphin (it’s the mind absorbing the feeling of pain and counteracting it with a numbing sensation than can make the pain tolerable). Which can explain my frequent thoughts of wild monkey dancing in the most stressful moments. ;-)) hahaha je comprend (I understand)… Porquoi???

Why are we so primitively lustful in stressful moments? Is the act of Sex really a medicine? OUI!!! Yes, it is!!! =D

Through my findings, it is evident that sexual arousal, hugging and touching your significant other is a good way to rebuke stress and anxiety from our lives. The brain has a “pleasure & reward system” as Sheenie Ambardar, MD calls it, that sent out and swims through the body. Sexual intercourse ignites multitude of things with the body and mind that is more a benefit than anything man-made! **SideNote! Sex is also an economically savvy way to improve one’s health! How Awesome is it!**  Here are a few points that proves to me that sheet shifting is C’est bon! =D 

  • Sex on the regular can lessen the chance of one’s blood pressure; Especially during, or before a highly stressful event… “One landmark study found that sexual intercourse specifically (not masturbation) lowered systolic blood pressure.” Says, Joseph Pinzone, MD with Amai Wellness
  • Sex boosts the immune system! Regular sex produces antibodies that keeps the body’s defense system protected and working.
  • Sex lessens the chance of a heart attack. The heart is a muscle like the others surrounding our bones in the body, through sex the heart rate increases, opens the blood flow and lets oxygen easily pass through as well as keeping estrogen & testosterone levels balance. Studies have shown that, “men who had sex at least twice a week were half likely to die of a heart attack. (Mayer Robinson,
  • Sex boosts the libido. It’s like that new song by Chris Brown, the chorus says, ” til we get it right/we gonna ___ some more/til we get it” {of course that’s the radio edited version, feel free to fill in the blanks =) } anywho! Chris Brown is right, that is the key to improving the libido. As for us women, this will increase blood flow, keep the punani moist, wet and keeps her tight!
  • Sex is a pain reliever. As mentioned above, they body can produce a pain blocking hormone, which is also a sex hormone. “Orgasm can block pain… vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain…genital self-stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and in some cases even headache,” says Barry R. Komisaurk professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey and author of “The Science of the Orgasm”.
  •  Sex can be a sleep aid. Got insomnia? Have an orgasm and you will be sound asleep. How so? According to Sheenie Ambardar, MD, after an orgasm a hormone called Prolactin is disperses feelings of relaxation and sleepiness throughout the body.
  •  Sex is a grrreat way to exercise! At base you lose 5 calories when initially engaging into sex, four more than just sitting watching t.v. Each position has it’s health benefits, thanks to books like, “The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity” by Daniel P. Reid, shares with you the sexual asset to each position for one’s well-being. Image

I’ve read that sex can lower the chances of men getting Prostate Cancer. According to a published study in the, Journal of the American Medical Association, men who ejaculated often (say about 21 times a month) are likely to get it, says Kaya Mayer Robinson, contributing writer for Yes, masturbation counts. However I haven’t been able to find any corroborating information proving this may be true, now on the flip-side there wasn’t anything saying that it won’t help either. The odds are low but it’s still a plus to bust a nut! {wink, wink}  

Hopefully the information provided will assist in reducing your stress and increasing your health & sex lifestyle; also with along with intimacy, it boosts self-esteem and creates happiness. All essential for optimum well-being, sex is everywhere and with No apology. We are in the age of information and sexual liberation. It’s more than just means of procreation, we know this from centuries of documented illustrative facts of the numerous ways of obtaining sexual euphoric pleasure with and without another person(s) from various parts of the world. We just need to keep ourselves alive & well so that we can continue to indulge. #KnowledgeisPower #TongeIntimates #HealthisWealth

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Spring Fling Wear: Mens Loungewear sneak peek

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It is Springtime!!! =)) whoo-hoo!!!! This is one of my absolute favourite seasons, there’s so much to love and appreciate. the melting of snow, the warmth of the sun, nature’s vibrant colour palette, the shedding of heavy clothes and the appearances of human skin! Yes, I said human skin. I love to see well sculpted bodies, no matter the gender or race. Pure aesthetics, it’s visually appealing along with manicured toes and smell good pheromones. Oh yeah! It is MATING SEASON, hahahaa.

For those who dropped their snuggle bunny on or before Valentine’s Day, women or men’s, now is the time to scout out a new prospect. Hopefully, everybody did their due diligence and did their bodily Spring Preparations. For instance, the medi-pedi treatments, detoxing the body for pleasant healthy scents and not the latter, adjusting clothes that may not be so flattering to the figure, HIV check-ups and all that’s relative to ensure happy and healthy sexual relations.

I, too, been occupied getting ready for this awesome season. I have crafted an original piece that reflects the style of ancient royals, like pharaohs and kings of the jungle. I have been in the lab to manifest this vision for my men, a loungewear, if you will, that surpasses the norm as society would proclaim what “normal” is. After months of trial and error, it has come to reality and I must say, this modern twist to an attire that was in trend centuries ago, has many people perplexed. “What is it?” “Where would I wear it?” … “I don’t know” =)) I find the feedback comical however positive, all criticism is constructive. Here’s a look at.. what I call.. the G-Cloth

Image     Yes, you are looking at a 21st century approach to the loin cloth. This garment is made of soft stretch material with a microfiber lining to eliminate chaffing against the skin. There are snaps and Velcro to prevent falling and the topping to this is… there are pockets! Truly a convenience when lounging around or if this piece is a part of an outside adventure, costume party, massage parlor or wherever where less clothes are more.

It could be worn bare or with undies. The point is to be comfortable. The alternative to walking around in a towel, that eventually falls off when it’s least expected or at an inappropriate time. Sitting down the towel is fine, it’s the getting up that can lead to embarrassment. The G-Cloth has a preventive approach to that “oh shish…” moment and it’s called Velcro! =)) plus it’s customized! I make this tailored to your measurements and specifications, creating the ultimate men’s loungewear. I’m so stoked about this! I had to post a sample piture before I get professional shots! Many thanks to my neighbor for trying it on!!! =D I greatly appreciate you!

Interested in learning more?????  Email me: … I totally look forward to hearing from you!!!! Enjoy the day mon amie =D


*** the garment, G-Cloth, is a TONGE Intimates original and rights are reserved. Patent pending***