Time to Breathe…

May May May!!!! What a month!!! :-O whooooo!!!!
As a youth I sung riddles of how May brings flowers, well as time amd life evolved… in 2010 May has brought more than just flowers…
As I rode this months roller coaster it sadly, had kept me a way from a while, I apologize.
I have been in creative hiberation to perpare for the summer festivities that lays ahead…. If you are not a “friend” on my Facebook page ( Geez Intimate Apparel ) you have missed the updates. I urge you “be my friend” =) so that we can stay in connect more often!
There is sooo much to share and I will break them up in segements.

Keep a lookout for the TONGE brand’s 1st lingerie piece!!!! =D Its Red HOT sexicious!!!!

Au revoir!


Are you in need of a Trashy Costume?

Extra! Extra!

One of my Top FAV lingerie sites ( Trashy.com ) is having a MEGA awesome SALE right now until the 17th of this month!!! Right now they have some new arrivals in their costume department that’s strictly Bananas!!! Of course they have the basics: Cops, Primitive animals, Maids & etc… Put those ideas to the side and check out these not so typical costumes!

Mind you! These costumes are on Pre-Sale right now!!! Trust it’s well worth the investment!!!

*General Perversion

{This costume HARD!!! Just look close at the bottom you will see a zipper on the booty! I love it! Case closed!}

*Navy Paris Sailor
(This also comes in White w/Black accents & trimmings)

*White Cigarette Girl
(This also comes in Pink w/same colour accents & trimmings)

*Rogue Pirate Pants Set
(This also comes in a Short & Dress set)


*Kiss-2007 Boots
{These 6″ platform boots are FIERCE! Great pairing w/the Rogue Pirate costume}


*Black Swan

*Vampire Deluxe
{This costume is HOT!!!}

There are plenty plenty more where these came from! Go checkout the site!!! www.TRASHY.com
This SALE ends on the 17th of May!!!

Au Revoir!!!

Over Stretching Stretchy Pants!


I know it has been a while, however you were not out of thought! I have been asked to do a post on this misunderstood trend of the Stretchy pants! 😮 “Aaaaahhhhh!!!!” There’s is nothing wrong with stretchy pants, they are often times a great addition to any outfit. When it’s properly worn, that is. This is a brief post that I hope will help shed some light on the appealing look of leggings and not the appalling.

Stretchy pants! Stretchy pants! Whenever I see or hear if leggings now-in-days, I think of that 80s style youtube video “Stretchy Pants”. { if you haven’t seen it, check it out! It’s hilarious!}
Whenever I see a female wearing it and the outcome is disastrous. Not everything is for everyone. Stretchy pants is one of those things where its supposed to compliment the outfit not hinder it. There has been too many unpleasant sights of women wearing these decorative leggings without proper counsel. As we are out enjoying the uprising heat, it’s apparent that a clear understanding of leggings is needed!!!

1. Get your size! Keep in mind that the material to make these leggings shrinks! If you normally wear a Medium, get a medium (or a medium/large <– this can vary depending on the manufacturer). Don't get a size small thinking that it will hug your legs better. Once its been washed and dried, it will do more than just hug your legs! It could restrict blood and oxygen flow in your legs and the cause & effects of that is definitely not pleasant nor is it cute.

2. Make sure it tones the legs! Proper fitting leggings gives a well-defined toned look that accentuates the legs. If you put on the leggings and they don’t comfortably hug your thighs and give it a firm ‘I just worked out’ look, Do NOT buy that pair! Try another size! If that doesn’t work…. Skinny Jeans!!!

And… that’s it! Just two simple pointers that I have come to find works. Now, I’m not an expert. I’m just a spectator commentating on a trend that’s getting a little too carried away in the wrong way!
If you have any inputs please by all means share them!!!

I’m just sayin!…