A Body Shaving Update!

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It had been over 2 years since I have posted, ‘ Body Shaving: A Trimming Trend ‘ and after that success I continued my research to find the ideal razor for me. Once I ruled out hair removal creams ( my patience just won’t tolerate it and the gross smell… yucky!  ) stinky_face_emojicon, Brasilian waxes ( frankly, I don’t like pain. I would rather get a tattoo ) hurt_face_emojiconand Electric razors ( all I can say is blood and bumps… you put it together ) dislike_emoticon I realised that a razor was my speed. So, the next step was to find the proper razor for MOI. I have experimented with various numbers of blades on razors looking for what would give me the closest shave and least chance of getting razor bumps bumps_by_bikini line aka in-grown hair bumps. {no that is NOT my bikini line… This lady is wearing pink NOT my colour} Now, essentially it is all about technique, speed and after-shave care. ( Oui, there’s a science to shaving, some would go as far to say shaving is an Art) Also, i would add in skin-type. Much of these razors come with a lubricated strip for additional moisture, good idea; however if you have sensitive skin you may want to make sure whatever is the cooling agent is on that razor is positive for your skin. Now, I am more the rugged lady who once was the tom-boy on the block than the prissy girlie lady who once had a princess themed bedroom and wore tiaras on my birthday. I say that to give background to my late introduction into body shaving. I never cared until I went to the neighbourhood pool and saw attractive half-naked boys and girls in cute swim wear with no hair peeping out the sides of their swimsuit…. like this –> pubic45  I quickly realised that I might have to clean-up my poolside appearance. That’s when body shaving entered my world. Over the years I have used different ways to remove my body hair and I have found that razors work best for me. I have better control over my shaving. I had the best results with my bikini line and my underarms with the Noxema brand of shavers, The bikini and the bikini-line + trim noxema_bikini_razor noxema_bikni shaver + trim Once I got accustomed to these, the store where I bought them from stopped selling them. So, I was back to square one. Lost in the sea of shavers and sure where to paddle so I chose to use what majority of everyone was using so I moved on to the two blades, double bladed_razors_images I used all types for women, men and people with sensitive skin. The reaction to these double blades left my underarms and bikini-line irritated so, I upgraded my blades to three three_blade_razor  w the aloe & shea butter strips. I still came up with the same results. I decided to go up to four blades four_blade_razor at that point I was wondering if I was doing too much, I didn’t see any difference with the aftermath of the shaving. Then I saw a five blade razor five_blade_razor  and the six blade razor six_blade_razor and did I mention the blades with a micro chip?!? Weird! (1) I didn’t know such blades existed then (2) were these more effective with each stroke and time then the others with less number of blades. So, I started to research the history of shaving again and I came across the key factor. Simplicity.   So, I went backwards and bought a single blade disposable razor Single_blade_disposable_shaving_razor … using the shaving techniques that ensures close & smooth results, plus I use a new razor with each shave. The results were satisfactory,  I found my razor! =D yaaaaay!!!! Would you believe there are multi-blade razors out there?!?! I was wide-eyed over the Duode 12 blade razor 12_blade_razor and the ridiculous 22 blade razor 22blades_razor by Gillette. All I can say about these hair removing devices is….. In the words of my man, Inspector Gadget “Yeowizzers!!!!” I encourage all of you do your due diligence and find what works best for you! Everyone on this planet is different, so what works for one may NOT work for another. Be intrepid, open and experiment! Merci Beaucoup mon amies!!!!


All images came from http://www.GOOGLE.com .. Merci Google!!!! 

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Cheating in Dating

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I have been doing some minor research lately. Couples are my focus this time.  I started dating and  the fine lines of what to care about, when to call/text, what does it possibly men when there hasn’t been communication for days, what to do/say with the EX  comes in the picture, or what to do when the person of interest has children and I have NONE … where is the memo on these topics? So to find solace in my questions I sit outside and watch people to find answers or to gain a better understanding. * I love to people watch, it is an activity were the actions of people are being observed, and at every change of the season so does the interaction of people.*

As humans, we change with the weather. As a woman, when the heat turns up less clothes gets put on =)) I thoroughly enjoy the look of a man’s body glistening from sweat as the sun darkens his skin… (moment of silence)… Ohh lala, Oui Oui! Je l’adore!!!

Plus, in my line of business beautifully sculpted bodies are greatly appreciated, admired and even adored. In my off, or down time, I like to watch people to get inspired. Or to remind me that I am human with human desires… Sometimes I believe we forget that human beings do humanistic tings. For instance, Who made up the concept of “cheating” in terms of relationships? Who said there have to be rules of engagement when everything inside the body feels liberated and free just doing what it wants. What is the true purpose of monogamy? Does the family structure Have to be One man and One woman? What has these rules lead us over these recent years of “enlightenment”??? High divorce rate, low marriage rate, record breaking aborted babies, and more single parents….

I just want to know, is cheating really wrong or bad like media makes it out to be? Has our feelings become so sore over whats to perceived as betrayal that we don’t see the bigger picture? I asked my co-worker what’s the purpose of monogamy and she told me, “to show your strength, will-power and commitment to one person” how profound is that!? I have struggled w acknowledged commitment. Meaning, commitment is a growth added to a relationship and earned like Trust is earned… Once I verbalise my commitment to someone, that’s when tings hit the fan and splatter everywhere! I need help, I understand this – however my question still stands, “Can there be Cheating in Dating” ? Do we have, or how to have a conversation about the definitions we adhere to for Cheating and Dating???


I Got Tested!!! Have you?

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Today, I participated in National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!!! The experience was planned and forgotten at the same time, how is that so? Easy…. Life! I live a hectic lifestyle where if something isn’t in front of me or a constant reminder, something could get by me. That’s why I am sharing this momentous act with all of you.

I am sure some of you have thought “how can you forget about getting tested for HIV/AIDS?” in all honesty, the majority of the American population who is having sex, or has had sex, don’t know their status. During my research, last summer, for my post ‘Let’s Talk Sex’ I interviewed over 30 people and it was a toss up between those who have had been tested but don’t do it regularly and there were those who have never been tested. These are people who are: sexually active or not, in a relationship or single* majority were single, religious or not, young and older than 50. Some would know their status but not that of their partner/lover or vice versa! O_o (Bananas! Ain’t it)

I am a child of the 80s and I vividly remember the HIV/AIDS awareness cartoons and campaign. I even work with a guy who created this cartoon strip/ AIDS campaign called “Protect Your Monster” (find and like him on Facebook). I live in a metropolis chocolate city that has billboards all over the highways, sidewalks and on the public transportation, reminding all of us to get educated and tested, especially in the LGBT and the Black American communities. Which doesn’t help my case, with all these avenues to remind, inform and inspire people to be knowledgeable and responsible using all the marketing tools at hand. People will forget, or deem it not important. However it is! We all have had unprotected sex or exchanged bodily fluids one way or another. It is important to know, for your records, whats the level of your health. We never know what’s going on in the inside of our bodies. Why wait until something is hurting, burning or has fallen off to get tested or find out what’s happening within us. Prevention is key to a cure.

Here are some ways to stay informed of your body: 1) Get tested when you go to the doctor next visit. It is simple and convenient, more so when it’s a regular check up. 2) Go when its a National event i.e. National HIV/AIDS day or month invite a friend for support or conversation to take the edge off while waiting. 3) Use it as a tool to get closer with your mate, go to a clinic together. 4) Take the test while at a festival, often there are freebies to get after getting tested. Hey! Any incentive is a good one! Plus, you just may get a free ticket to the concert you were trying to go to. Trust me, it happens! Now, I am a loner and a bit private and quiet with my life (I know it’s hard to believe but it is true) however I do see couples and friends in the waiting room. I think that its cool to be with company at a place where emotions are high, the level of uncertainty can rise and the feeling of being alone can easily seep in like the air through a cracked window. Getting tested for HIV/AIDS is good information to have, just like knowing whether you have an STD. These are gifts that are not meant to be given to anyone, or to be received by anyone for that matter.

There are numerous clinics throughout the USA that offer FREE testing. Google them or just wait for a festival to come to your town. To help, next month, JULY is National HIV/AIDS Awareness Month so go and get tested!!!! Every support group has a day so go and research!!!

Let me share w you one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite books!

            * “He who hesitates, is lost” *

  •  National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day … 7th of February
  •  National HIV/AIDS Testing Day … 27th of June
  •  National HIV Awareness Month … July
  •  National HIV/AIDS Awareness Month … Octobre
  •  World AIDS Day … 1st Decembre
  •  HIV/AIDS Awareness Month … Decembre

These are but a few that I’ve found. Pick a month or a day and Get Tested, mon amie/my friend =)) Until next time!

Au revoir! :-* (kisses)



Sex and the Workplace

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I was having drinks and interviewing a co-worker (keep posted for the long awaited Let’s Talk About SEX) and the topic of having sexual encounters with co-workers and/or having sex in the workplace.
I casually talked about my experience in both situations and expressed how there is a certain “code” for such rendezvous. There was some debate over my moral and mind state since I was so nonchalant on the topic when the latter party, this included our waitress, had strong opinions about it. They felt as though it’s not a great idea since the end result can lead to regret and disappoint. A valid point however the excitement of such a hush-hush affair is no secret or uncommon situation;especially in the office settings and jobs that require traveling. * I used to work at the airport and the travelers when long lay overs are generally open to a good lay in the city. *

Tell me what you think? Am I one the elite sect of individuals who understand that type of circuit. Be it if the person or persons are in a relationship is another factor in the equation. * I will do a post about it. Let me know if you want to know something specific! *
The act itself is what I asking your thoughts on. In these modern technological society we live in, where casual sex is not so taboo or looked down upon as it was 20-30 years ago, where do you stand?

Question: Do you Love Yourself enough to let Love go?


Today a friend of mine shared with me the heartache of a relationship that is open yet operates as a committed relationship.
Now, both parties are sexually attracted to each other but are not exclusive. They hang out, at each others place. They share intimate thoughts and experiences with each other. They even party at the same places, but they did not arrive or depart together.
As time progressed feelings grew, natural thing in human beings, and expectations became regular and mandatory. One person expressed the desire to be exclusive yet the latter shys away on the matter and prefers to keep the title as friendship.
As result they separate but still are communicating; as if they did not demoted their relationship. As they are “apart” from each other they are still seeing other people but they are consumed with thoughts of what the other is doing? Or not doing? “Is she with that dude from the bar tonight?” “I saw him talk to that girl with the big butt, is he talking to her now?” My question is, what is purpose for plaguing your mind with such thoughts and wrap your emotions around the unknown? Is it to control the other person or the act of trying to control the situation? Listening to my friend reminded me of the episode of Sex and the City, where Samantha was in Las Vegas, Nevada with her girls and her beau (Richard). Richard and Samantha had an interesting open relationship where they honestly loved each other but enjoyed sleeping with other people. While on this trip, Richard was up in the penthouse suite while Samantha was down in the casino with the girls. Before she left for the casino, she saw the sexy housekeeper go in the hotel room. She spent majority of her time in the casino thinking about what Richard, might be, doing in the hotel room. So, she left her girls and ran up the stairs to the penthouse, elevators was talking a long time to her, in her pearl thongs. She bursted open the doors to find Richard on his laptop doing working. Through her panting and catching her breath she broke off their relationship; “Samantha, I love you,” said Richard “I love you too, but I love me more,” said Samantha. Thus that’s my point. Do you love yourself enough to chose you over the person whom you love?
So back to my friend, I suggest a complete separation… What do you suggest?This is a situation that is all too common of today’s mating game ,so to speak. Does people date anymore? What is courtship, does it exist anymore? What are the elements that make up a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?

Let me know!!!

A Bientot!!!

Who Holds the Keys to Your Future?????

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* Have you devised a plan to your future happiness and aspirations?

* Have you put together an action plan to reach and achieve your goals or dreams?

* Do you have an idea to what the Big Picture is in your life that motivates you to get up every morning?

Now, let us say that you have all these questions answered with a clear focal point to execute the master plan and then another opportunity comes along… A great lucrative money making machine presented itself to you, all sparkley and glitterly with bells and whistles incorporating similar ideas you have planned for your future, and yet all you have to do is….. Be 100% committed to it and dash away your well thought out, hand crafted future plans, as in FOREVER, would you do it?

Take your time with this question.

See, there is opportunities everyday to change your life and current situation if our eyes and heart are open to see them. Also, knowing what you what – period, generally speaking, is such an important key variable that it’s easily over-looked and under credited. The mass population many have an idea, a little twinkle of a conceptualized thought, of what they want; more time it is something material and at some form obtainable. Then there’s a certain percentage of the population that has a idea, clear vision maybe wrote it down and did light research on what they want out of life and either stopped pursuing it – for any number of reasons: childbirth, death of loved one, or drastic situation that disables the mission therefore putting the dream on the back burner. Then there’s a small percentage of that population who has an idea, develops a plan to make it a reality, start the wheels on towards its success and after a few bumps… They’re done OR before the business takes off they may back out. Then there’s a tincture number of the population who actually takes the idea from thought, put to it and stuck with it to the successful finish.

The difference between these four types of groups are basically broken down to two groups: The Leaders and The Workers

Both need each other to have successful balance. It’s neither negative or positive, it’s how the world works, the replenishment process. One co-exists with the other for life to continue, that’s on a universal and business scale. *There are some psychological terms and definitions that can get more in depth to the varying personality types, Carl Jung has a great quad chart explaining traits like these; however for the sake of sharing and reasoning we’ll stick with business =) … Some people like working for someone else and there’s are others who know without a shadow of doubt that managing a business is who they are. Which one are you???

I was presented with such a proposal today, at first the offer was so sweet and perfect I could not believe it. Then as I got to know more of what is asked of me, I had reservations and concerns on what was REALLY being asked of me. To make oodles of dollars with this company in this lucrative business is basically a gold mine, the amazing factor to this deal was that it is in the industry I have been dancing with the idea of investing into in the future. On the flip-side to this golden door is that I would have to stop working on my plans to build my empire to be 100% committed to this growing empire. This sounded to me like a solider surrendering their power over to a force that’s higher up the ladder. I am a little too opinionated and alpha-minded to set aside, oops! Correction: terminate my plans-goals-dreams to go forth another dream plan to make beaucoup francs, not at first but in the long run. I would be managing my friends business which in the future would also be my business also, that could be a deal breaker in itself for some people.

Which inspired today’s post, I had to review what it is that I really want to do and what will be needed for me to achieve my goals. My questions is to all of you is…  What is you want in life? What it is that makes you happy?

Au revoir