Mens Underwear!!! Going Fashionable…

I just read an article that was posted last year on the transitioning style of men’s underwear. Its going fashionable!
Its been noted that men are becoming more aware of the underwear they are purchasing and wearing. In light of this, companies are supplying the demand for more fashionable “drawers”. Such as, low-rise, bright colours, studded embellishments, even thongs!
It’s not just the women who care about their underwear anymore; and frankly, I am Thrilled =D!!! An additional attraction on a man, to me, is the underwear he has on. I’m not particularly fancy on briefs or thongs BUT if that’s what men want I will tend to their desire/preference! Style, comfort, feel of the fabric, whatever!
Our men aren’t just buying for the feel of the fabric anymore, they care about how it looks and how it makes them feel! FYI, the ideal material of choice, for men, is cotton and their least is polyester! Comfort and breathability is definitely a primary factor that appeals to their liking. Everything else is secondary, and rightfully so!
I encourage all men (and women) to pay more attention to what material feels good. Let me know so that I can provide it for you! We all should feel regal and confident inside and out!
******* If you are interested in reading the article I read go to, click on menswear and look for the article titled: The Bottomline *******
Let me know your thoughts!


Cotton Lining Update!!!

I apologize for the typo and the false information I gave in the Intermission from the Importance of:… Bras & Panties.
Cotton is a great natural fiber for the body; however when it comes to women’s underwear it isn’t our best friend (so to speak). There is nothing wrong with the panty’s body material made from it; it’s the lining that has a potential growing problem in junction with the female body.
We ladies know uncomfortability can grow in dark, moist & hot places (Bacterial Vaginal Infections, Yeast overgrowth Infections and the list can continue)
We need to be a little more aware of these things for its our temple we most uphold and cherish! Which is the reason why I’m doing this blog and creating an intimate apparel line that will address these issues.
Please support my research! Fill out the questionnaires! and do research yourself! or post topics you want me to research! Lets be of service to each other!!!
Merci Beaucoup Mon Amies!