Does Stress lead to Sex?

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I just had the most invigorating morning walks on my block today. The flowers, the sunshine, my neighbours bustling by, the birds and even the garbage truck was tranquil and enjoyable. I’ve been having a highly stressful past few days, one of the most troubling situations…. My Phone …. was STOLEN!!!  Image I was so livid with the whole situation that I felt sick to my stomach for at least two days, all I could think about was my phone and any down time from that was pure sexual thoughts. WHAT the Hell?!?!?!! I asked myself, ‘how could my mind be so caught up in sex in a crisis like this!?!’ This wasn’t the first time this happened other stressful events had me think of pouncing on a penis, like a puma to their prey. I still didn’t have an answer so I went online this time to discover what the doctors and sex therapists had to say.

 “The adrenaline and the non-adrenaline hormones in the body of a human being are responsible for various feelings like anger, happiness, passion and the urge to have sex.” Says Dr Rajan Bhonsle, a consultant in sexual medicine and counsellor. Image

The hormones Dr. Bhonsole speak of are: Epinephrine aka adrenaline, is an adrenal gland that releases this hormone ( a hormone that tells the heart to pump harder, increases blood pressure, opens the lungs air channels, narrows the blood vessels in the skin and the intestines to up the blood flow to other major muscles areas) along with Cortisol ( it’s responsible for: blood regulation, proper glucose metabolism, releasing insulin for blood sugar balance, inflammatory response & immune function)  these are what our bodies naturally produce as a defense or a helping aid in times of stress. The Flight-or-Fight decision automatically starts to develop within our body, “should we stay and fight this situation or leave?” is the question that’s internally asked and answered. This process can be divided into two types of stresses, negative and positive <- this one is called Eustress ( it is considered the “healthy” stress because it’s positive side to a challenging situation or equation. It’s the reason you get up in the morning, it’s the smile to adjustment of something new, it’s the math equation that looks difficult but inside you know you can get the answer and it’s the mojo in the moment when you see THAT one alone and in that moment is the time to approach.)  As our body is going through its decision making process, deciphering what is what, the mind can wonder to a more pleasant place where sexual activities roam freely. In a situation where the stress levels can rise so can one’s adrenaline; however the flip-side to that is if the stress is high the libido aka our sex-drive can be low, which will not put a person in the mood thus resulting in that person being a victim of chronic stress. Many of us on this planet, I am sure, have had a point in our lives that was highly stressful and sex was the last thing on the mind.

Human beings are creatures of habit, I mean that by saying we have Sex. It is inevitable, it will happen. Yet in the times we are living in, sex may not always be the end result if one is in a sour mood, having a hard time coping with a stressful moment, have a high blood pressure, ability to orgasm or even heavily medicated. There are a sea scientific studies showing linkage between a persons mood and a sex life. It is said that people who are in a good mood are more inclined to have sex often, whereas those who are in a sucky mood {pun not intended, heehee} may not have sex as much. Let’s flip the coin: studies have shown that if a person is in a foul mood or stressed, Sex can lessen the stress and shift the mood to a more happier one! This is done by the mind releasing it’s “feel good” hormone called Endorphin (it’s the mind absorbing the feeling of pain and counteracting it with a numbing sensation than can make the pain tolerable). Which can explain my frequent thoughts of wild monkey dancing in the most stressful moments. ;-)) hahaha je comprend (I understand)… Porquoi???

Why are we so primitively lustful in stressful moments? Is the act of Sex really a medicine? OUI!!! Yes, it is!!! =D

Through my findings, it is evident that sexual arousal, hugging and touching your significant other is a good way to rebuke stress and anxiety from our lives. The brain has a “pleasure & reward system” as Sheenie Ambardar, MD calls it, that sent out and swims through the body. Sexual intercourse ignites multitude of things with the body and mind that is more a benefit than anything man-made! **SideNote! Sex is also an economically savvy way to improve one’s health! How Awesome is it!**  Here are a few points that proves to me that sheet shifting is C’est bon! =D 

  • Sex on the regular can lessen the chance of one’s blood pressure; Especially during, or before a highly stressful event… “One landmark study found that sexual intercourse specifically (not masturbation) lowered systolic blood pressure.” Says, Joseph Pinzone, MD with Amai Wellness
  • Sex boosts the immune system! Regular sex produces antibodies that keeps the body’s defense system protected and working.
  • Sex lessens the chance of a heart attack. The heart is a muscle like the others surrounding our bones in the body, through sex the heart rate increases, opens the blood flow and lets oxygen easily pass through as well as keeping estrogen & testosterone levels balance. Studies have shown that, “men who had sex at least twice a week were half likely to die of a heart attack. (Mayer Robinson,
  • Sex boosts the libido. It’s like that new song by Chris Brown, the chorus says, ” til we get it right/we gonna ___ some more/til we get it” {of course that’s the radio edited version, feel free to fill in the blanks =) } anywho! Chris Brown is right, that is the key to improving the libido. As for us women, this will increase blood flow, keep the punani moist, wet and keeps her tight!
  • Sex is a pain reliever. As mentioned above, they body can produce a pain blocking hormone, which is also a sex hormone. “Orgasm can block pain… vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain…genital self-stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and in some cases even headache,” says Barry R. Komisaurk professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey and author of “The Science of the Orgasm”.
  •  Sex can be a sleep aid. Got insomnia? Have an orgasm and you will be sound asleep. How so? According to Sheenie Ambardar, MD, after an orgasm a hormone called Prolactin is disperses feelings of relaxation and sleepiness throughout the body.
  •  Sex is a grrreat way to exercise! At base you lose 5 calories when initially engaging into sex, four more than just sitting watching t.v. Each position has it’s health benefits, thanks to books like, “The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity” by Daniel P. Reid, shares with you the sexual asset to each position for one’s well-being. Image

I’ve read that sex can lower the chances of men getting Prostate Cancer. According to a published study in the, Journal of the American Medical Association, men who ejaculated often (say about 21 times a month) are likely to get it, says Kaya Mayer Robinson, contributing writer for Yes, masturbation counts. However I haven’t been able to find any corroborating information proving this may be true, now on the flip-side there wasn’t anything saying that it won’t help either. The odds are low but it’s still a plus to bust a nut! {wink, wink}  

Hopefully the information provided will assist in reducing your stress and increasing your health & sex lifestyle; also with along with intimacy, it boosts self-esteem and creates happiness. All essential for optimum well-being, sex is everywhere and with No apology. We are in the age of information and sexual liberation. It’s more than just means of procreation, we know this from centuries of documented illustrative facts of the numerous ways of obtaining sexual euphoric pleasure with and without another person(s) from various parts of the world. We just need to keep ourselves alive & well so that we can continue to indulge. #KnowledgeisPower #TongeIntimates #HealthisWealth

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Spring Fling Wear: Mens Loungewear sneak peek

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It is Springtime!!! =)) whoo-hoo!!!! This is one of my absolute favourite seasons, there’s so much to love and appreciate. the melting of snow, the warmth of the sun, nature’s vibrant colour palette, the shedding of heavy clothes and the appearances of human skin! Yes, I said human skin. I love to see well sculpted bodies, no matter the gender or race. Pure aesthetics, it’s visually appealing along with manicured toes and smell good pheromones. Oh yeah! It is MATING SEASON, hahahaa.

For those who dropped their snuggle bunny on or before Valentine’s Day, women or men’s, now is the time to scout out a new prospect. Hopefully, everybody did their due diligence and did their bodily Spring Preparations. For instance, the medi-pedi treatments, detoxing the body for pleasant healthy scents and not the latter, adjusting clothes that may not be so flattering to the figure, HIV check-ups and all that’s relative to ensure happy and healthy sexual relations.

I, too, been occupied getting ready for this awesome season. I have crafted an original piece that reflects the style of ancient royals, like pharaohs and kings of the jungle. I have been in the lab to manifest this vision for my men, a loungewear, if you will, that surpasses the norm as society would proclaim what “normal” is. After months of trial and error, it has come to reality and I must say, this modern twist to an attire that was in trend centuries ago, has many people perplexed. “What is it?” “Where would I wear it?” … “I don’t know” =)) I find the feedback comical however positive, all criticism is constructive. Here’s a look at.. what I call.. the G-Cloth

Image     Yes, you are looking at a 21st century approach to the loin cloth. This garment is made of soft stretch material with a microfiber lining to eliminate chaffing against the skin. There are snaps and Velcro to prevent falling and the topping to this is… there are pockets! Truly a convenience when lounging around or if this piece is a part of an outside adventure, costume party, massage parlor or wherever where less clothes are more.

It could be worn bare or with undies. The point is to be comfortable. The alternative to walking around in a towel, that eventually falls off when it’s least expected or at an inappropriate time. Sitting down the towel is fine, it’s the getting up that can lead to embarrassment. The G-Cloth has a preventive approach to that “oh shish…” moment and it’s called Velcro! =)) plus it’s customized! I make this tailored to your measurements and specifications, creating the ultimate men’s loungewear. I’m so stoked about this! I had to post a sample piture before I get professional shots! Many thanks to my neighbor for trying it on!!! =D I greatly appreciate you!

Interested in learning more?????  Email me: … I totally look forward to hearing from you!!!! Enjoy the day mon amie =D


*** the garment, G-Cloth, is a TONGE Intimates original and rights are reserved. Patent pending***

I Wondered What Life Was

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I rose this morning feeling a certain way, not sure at the time what it was but I got up, washed my face and upon drying my hands off it hit me… Wheat happened to my companion. Half consciously aware of my movements, I staggered my butt back to bed. My alarm clocks, yes I have 2, going off loud and in distant ranges where I have to get back up to hit the “snooze” button. I couldn’t ignore it, I had to deal with them, in as much I wanted to curl up in my warm bed and slide my curious fingers up and down my lovers body. Alas…. no one else was in the bed. So, I got up and by chance… I read this post. The irony lead me to share w all of you. =) enjoy the read and I will post later.


I Wondered What Life Was.

The Men’s Valentine’s Day

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I have some news to share with you!!! Last week I was casually talking to this guy about food { one of my absolute favourite topics } or something, he randomly mentions Steak and a Blowjob Day. With the look of perplexing thought, I turned to him and said “What????” He replied with a laugh but realized I truly didn’t know what he was talking about. He pointed to his phone and said it again, like the second time around would sink in. I looked at him and asked him to explain this hip new thing, or “day”. He told me that 4-5 years ago at his college he got wind of this Valentine’s Day for men called Steak and a Blowjob Day. I laughed so hard tears ran down my cheek, never had I heard such a thing. He kept telling it was a official day but I didn’t believe him so I went on Google to see if this day actually exists…

And… It is….Image

Around of applause to the Boston radio personality, Tom Birdsey. He is the originator of this celebrative day for men, which is said to be a month after Valentine’s Day (14th of March). Now from my research, Birdsey came up with this day to honour men since Valentine’s Day is primarily a day for women to be showered with lavish gifts, flowers and chocolates whereas men really could care less about those things. According to Birdsey, all men want is basically two things: 1. A fine steak 2. Good fellatio so in his influential position, as a radio disc jockey, he used his tools to voice his opinion and to spread the word….

Lo and behold on 2002, S and BJ Day became a holiday. Through the years it’s been recognized and celebrated thanks to social media networks like Facebook. One guy even created a website for it since it’s not in Wikipedia ( ) That isn’t the only place online you can go to learn more about this day but it’s simple enough and self explanatory. It’s coined as a “equal opportunity holiday” (Shilcutt, 2011) This is a day where any shaft can get licked and the attachments can get tickled =)) hahahaaa

Now the controversy is whether Steak and BJ Day is celebrated on the 14th of March or the 20th. I found out about this day on the 15th. I went to a Bar-B-Que later that day and I asked around to see if anyone heard of it and what day it is on. Hypothetically speaking I asked about 20 people and about 8 of them heard of S & BJ Day and that it was on the 14th. Now, for those who just found out like I did… I suggest, if you celebrate or celebrated Valentine’s this year then, let tomorrow be THAT day! Ask your penis provider how he would like his steak and bring out the knee pads! =)) Sheer pleasure should come out {pun intended, hahahaa}


Bon Appetit mon amies!!!! =))

REFERENCES:; Shilcutt, Katherine, 14/March/2011

Womens History Week: Gerda Lerner

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As you all know March has many features, this week is nationally known as Women’s History Week. In honour of this week I chose to introduce you all to a woman I call the Mother of Women’s History, Dr. Gerda Lerner.

  Image Born Gerda Kronstein, her native homeland was Vienna, Austria. That is where she and her siblings received their education. Her family was well off, something like the USA middle-class {or what’s left of it, ha!} Her father a pharmacist and businessman, they lived decent until the German government took over and forced them to give the Nazis their home in 1938. Gerda, her mother and sisters lived in conditions that compromised their lives, facing near death. Fortunately for the Kronstein family they were able leave that place and in 1939 they migrated to New York. Happy to not be under the dictator’s rule, Gerda worked numerous odd jobs like; waitress, x-ray technician, sales lady and etc, as she learned English. As a form of healing and moving past the horror she left in Europe, Gerda wrote fiction stories about the Nazis brutality and the strength to overcome the pain. In 1941, ‘The Prisoners’ was published also in that she married a well respect movie editor named, Carl Lerner. Two years later her second book was published, ‘The Russian Campaign’ . Followed behind that accomplishment was the births of her two children, Stephanie and Daniel.

During those blissful months of motherhood, Gerda’s passion for the equalization of women, and those concerned minorities, rights grew deeper. It was around this time Lerner was involved in a variety of organizations: Congress of American Women, this was a grassroots group who was politically active in addressing economic and consumer issues; was a supporter of the Emma Lazarus Federation, United Nations and even a civil rights group for African Americans. She continued to write, research and teach the on topics that would empower all women and encourage them to be aware, educated, independent and pro-active. Her fervor for such topics showed her open-mindedness which brought on the off-Broadway musical she did with Eve Merriam, Singing Women, (1951) Followed that was her novel, ‘No Farewell’ (1955), she co-authored a screenplay with her husband, ‘Black Like Me’ (1964), and a heart-felt memoir, ‘A Death of One’s Own’ (1978).

In midst those eras is the bulk if the powerhouse of Dr. Gerda Lerner, in the late 1950s, when she started research for her novel of the two abolitionist sisters, Sarah & Angelina Grimké, in this search she enrolled into New School for Social Research were she taught a course of on women’s history, the first that school had, and were received her Bachelors degree (1963). Under the ether, Greda went on to get her M.A (1965) & Ph. D at Columbia (1966), her published dissertation: The Grimké Sisters from South Carolina: Rebels Against Slavery (1967).  A year later, upon receiving her doctorate, Dr. Gerda Lerner went on to the Sarah Lawrence College, were she became director of the women’s history degree program. Her presence and passion brought the establishment of women’s history month there as well as the recognition of black women’s history. In 1972, Dr. Lerner was apart of developing their first Master’s degree program in women’s history. In addition to that Dr. Lerner produced an anthology documentary focusing on the importance of black women’s history as it was weaved in with the history of all women, Black Women in White America, in the same year, shedding light on truth that hidden, lost or buried all equaled to being unknown, after that came a The Female Experience (1976).  Her chronology dating the life-cycles of women in history, was a pathway to her participation in the 1979 Women’s History Institute ,15-day conference that was held at Sarah Lawrence College during that summer. That was a strong arm in getting Women’s History Month observed and celebrated today.

In 1980, Gerda left Sarah Lawrence College, after 12 years, relocated and started  a Ph. D program on women’s history at the University of Wisconsin. A year later, Dr. G. Lerner was honoured the seat of President of the Organization of American Historians, she was the first woman to be in such a position since 1946! Only a year as the educator director, she left the organization in 1982, with no hard feelings over her departure, the Gerda Lerner-Ann Scott Prize was created for the best women’s history dissertation, in her honour. The American Historical Association’s Joan Kelly Prize was awarded to Dr. Lerner, in recognition of her work on women’s oppression.  In 1995, Lerner was awarded the Kaethe Leichter Prize, this is an honour that recognizes the “exiled Jewish intellectuals who have built lifetimes of distinguished achievement” (, 2009), given to her by the Austrian Ministry of Women’s Affairs. In the same year, she was given the one of the highest honours in the whole Austrian country, the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art.

Dr. Gerda Lerner wrote and published more books and articles: The Majority Finds Its Past (1979), The Creation of Patriarchy (1986), The Creation of Feminist Consciousness (1993), Why History Matters: Life and Thought & the sequel to her dissertation, The Feminist Thought of Sarah Grimké (1997) and her last known published piece, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography (2002). Dr. Gerda Lerner joined her late husband on the 2nd of January 2013. Truly a resilient women who was powerful, influential and staple in paving the way for equal rights for all women and those society regarded as minorities. Every human being has a right to live as the next human being, that was a mantra that she recited in many ways yet message remained the same. Respect each other, love who are and where your history came from.

  “Our  ideas about what is possible for the future are formed out of our knowledge of  what was possible in the past.” – Dr. Gerda Lerner

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women’s various walks of struggle to triu~mph

Broke + Single = No dates

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Today’s post has been inspired by my Facebook friends, G.R.E.A.T Scott and Vivian N. Their morning post was on the topic of Love & Relationships but from an angle that not many of us are openly talking about. Can a relationship work when there’s no money, car or stability? Think about it now…. I am sure many of us have stories about loving someone so much that money didn’t matter, their love was enough. That last line was actually the staring sentence to one of the posts, “… I’ve been in one relationship where I could honestly say love was enough.” (Scott, 2014) He continues on to say that finance, basically, enables or disables a man to finding and dating someone. It’s sad but true I’ve been around women who discredits a man a efforts or defames his character because he doesn’t make enough. I remember a cousin of mine cussing out a boy , who came to her house to take her out, because he wasn’t driving it was so bad I felt sorry for him.  It’s not just females who think like this, I once dated a really cool guy who expressed to me that dating an unemployed woman is a burden. I’ve heard a friend say he prefers to date a females who have their own means of transport because it’s less stress on him. A client once shared with me that he rather buy sex, or “trick-off” than to date a female who is looking for a free meal and have no real interest in him. In as much I can understand their points, what about the person? Does one’s character, maturity, views on life, ambitions and demeanor mean anything anymore?

Reciting from the quote Vivian posted, ” ‘No relationship is perfect, ever. There are always some was you have to bend, compromise, to give something up in order to gain something greater…’ ” – Sarah Dessen It is true sound. We often look for that “perfect” relationship, whatever that is, but not look for the goodness in a person and discussing with self what it is you are willing to tolerate. No person is perfect, we all have flaws. The ideal mate will compliment you, add to your strengths and build on your weakness. Something money isn’t involved in, per se. Yet, the times we’re living in, everyone is independent and don’t really need a steady partner for life, a substitute lover will make do. What happened with the dating to courtship to marriage formula? What is this half-ass logic we are rationalizing? I have disposable income and I will date multiple people or I only have money to pay bills so I can’t date anyone. What is that about? Can someone living on a budget find their soulmate? Or is it only allowed for those who have the money to spurge, can meet & mate with someone? What is our priorities when it comes to the mating game? Don’t act like it is not a game. People’s intentions for meeting someone varies and changes, like Georgia’s weather, it’s not consistently one way. Are we dating to meet our life-partner or are we looking for the next hot thing to warm up to. Spring is coming and I know people are waking up from hibernation and ditching their winter snuggle for the spring fling. That has nothing to do with love.

What is love in these modern times? In saying that, I hear Tina Turner’s song, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” in my head, valid point that’s still relevant to this day. If all that matters in a relationship is money, how many of us are in relationships? or want to be in one? I am a hopeless romantic who believes in love being stronger than monetary contributions but then that Halle Berry scene, from ‘Boomerang’, comes to mind where she’s a art teacher in love with Marcus who is in love with sex and money. These mis-match pairs always come together in movies but in real life… slim chance. Nice guys generally lose to the prick with the flash fame. Yes, being broke is a state of mind not all relates to money. Some big ballers go broke fast and all that came with the money leaves just as fast, but if there’s genuine love someone may stick around and be apart of the come-back. Too bad I don’t hear a lot of those stories. Too many are wanting a hand-out oppose to a helping hand. As the saying goes, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and it’s that friend who we either marry or overlook and they get married to someone else who recognize their blessing and seized it.

I am single, not broke yet I find myself dating and supporting, partly finance and emotional support, men who don’t recognize nor appreciate my efforts. That mon amies is ass backwards and another discussion =) knowing when to gracefully bow-out…

Au revoir!!!

SHOUT OUTS!!!  Merci Beaucoup Ms. Vivian N. and  Mr. G.R.E.A.T Scott you both really sparked something in a lot people, including me, to get engaged in this need to know topic. Much love and Respect.

March Awareness

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Bienvenue to the marvelous month of March!!! =) March is one of my favourite months, all because it’s the 3rd month of the year and #3 is my number! Ok, so, I am a little bias whatever =) {Do you have a favourite number or a few? I do!} I also like March because it marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring!!! =)) yay!!! Let’s hang up the heavy coats and bring out the light jackets. Oui!
As I get ready for this month I thought to see what other cool happenings are going on, so I went to Google. I clicked on an awareness calendar to see what this month and the others had listed. I wasn’t ready for what unfolded before me, every month had a long list of topics to be aware of. Let me share with you all what listed for March… Brace yourselves…

March is:

*Brain Injury Awareness Month
*Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
*Endometriosis Awareness Month
*Gender Equality Month
*Greek-American Heritage Month
*Irish-American Heritage Month
*Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month
*Mental Retardation Awareness Month
*Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
*Nutrition Month
*Red Cross Month
*Self Harm Awareness Month
*Social Worker’s Month
*Women’s History Month

Tu regarde?!!?! You see, there is 14 of them! {yes, I counted} There’s enough for one to learn & share each interest for about two days and move on to the next one. I only of 1! Nutrition Awareness, who know there are so many! You know what?! That’s what I will do, I will search, learn & share my findings!
I could’ve guessed this would be Irish-American Heritage Month but I didn’t know and so that is where I start today! The purpose of Heritage Months is to become culturally knowledgeable of all ethic backgrounds that make up this melting pot of a country, the good ole USA.

Irish-American Hertiage Month untitled

I learned that Irish-American Heritage Month came from the observance of Saint Patrick’s Day, which was originally a religious holiday. St. Patrick’s Day was named after the man , or saint, who brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century.
Over time, this honourable day became a celebration of everything Irish. The first parade happened on the 17th of March 1762, there were Irish soldiers marching the streets of New York in their English military uniforms. (There are some whispers that the 1st St. Patty’s Day *nickname for St. Patrick’s day* parade was in Boston. Ma…) This probably explains the heavy Irish population in he New England region; for instance: places like, Maine, Vermont, Boston, Rhode Island, New York and others. imagesZ0XYU3AJ

This one day event grew into a yearly celebration participated by all that, in 1948 the president Henry S.Truman, whom is of Scotch-Irish blood, attended. So did the first Irish-Catholic president, John F. Kennedy in 1961, it was big news to all. Decades later, in 1991, Congress decided to commemorate the festivities and made this month, March, as the Irish-American Heritage Month. imagesBF4PCNU2
Like Black History Month, National Latino Heritage Month and Asian/South-pacific Heritage Month, this was created to honour the lives of those who migrated from Ireland and their descendants to achieve their dreams in the land of milk & honey. There were many were dedicated, contributed and accomplished great things here in America. Such as: Commodore John Barry – regarded as the hero of the American Revolution; Sergeant Major Daniel Daly, USMC – was known for his exceptional fighting skills on and off the battlefield; Colonel Eileen Collins – she was the 1st woman to command a U.S. spacecraft; Christa McAuliffe – Astronaut/ teacher just to list a few.

Each year, since 1991 with president George H.W. Bush, there has been a Presidential Proclamation of this month honouring those Irish immigrants who help America be where she is today. First in the morning there is a Shamrock ceremony, this is the presentation of a shamrock given to the President from a crystal bowl {ohh la laa, special shamrock} in the Oval Office then it’s followed by a Friends of Ireland luncheon at the U.S Capital. The attendees: The President, Vice President, the Speaker, Taoiseach (this is the Prime Minister of Ireland) and other government officials. {I wonder if they drink the infamous green beer} imagesAQXEEJNS

Here’s a picture of the current President Barack Obama & Taoiseach Enda Kenny together on St. Patty’s Day 2012 240px-Barack_Obama_and_Enda_Kenny_in_the_Oval_Office_2012 at the looks of things maybe the luncheon feature drink was green beer, hee hee =)

Beannacht Maith! <- means "good-bye" in Irish… thanks to