A Body Shaving Update!

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It had been over 2 years since I have posted, ‘ Body Shaving: A Trimming Trend ‘ and after that success I continued my research to find the ideal razor for me. Once I ruled out hair removal creams ( my patience just won’t tolerate it and the gross smell… yucky!  ) stinky_face_emojicon, Brasilian waxes ( frankly, I don’t like pain. I would rather get a tattoo ) hurt_face_emojiconand Electric razors ( all I can say is blood and bumps… you put it together ) dislike_emoticon I realised that a razor was my speed. So, the next step was to find the proper razor for MOI. I have experimented with various numbers of blades on razors looking for what would give me the closest shave and least chance of getting razor bumps bumps_by_bikini line aka in-grown hair bumps. {no that is NOT my bikini line… This lady is wearing pink NOT my colour} Now, essentially it is all about technique, speed and after-shave care. ( Oui, there’s a science to shaving, some would go as far to say shaving is an Art) Also, i would add in skin-type. Much of these razors come with a lubricated strip for additional moisture, good idea; however if you have sensitive skin you may want to make sure whatever is the cooling agent is on that razor is positive for your skin. Now, I am more the rugged lady who once was the tom-boy on the block than the prissy girlie lady who once had a princess themed bedroom and wore tiaras on my birthday. I say that to give background to my late introduction into body shaving. I never cared until I went to the neighbourhood pool and saw attractive half-naked boys and girls in cute swim wear with no hair peeping out the sides of their swimsuit…. like this –> pubic45  I quickly realised that I might have to clean-up my poolside appearance. That’s when body shaving entered my world. Over the years I have used different ways to remove my body hair and I have found that razors work best for me. I have better control over my shaving. I had the best results with my bikini line and my underarms with the Noxema brand of shavers, The bikini and the bikini-line + trim noxema_bikini_razor noxema_bikni shaver + trim Once I got accustomed to these, the store where I bought them from stopped selling them. So, I was back to square one. Lost in the sea of shavers and sure where to paddle so I chose to use what majority of everyone was using so I moved on to the two blades, double bladed_razors_images I used all types for women, men and people with sensitive skin. The reaction to these double blades left my underarms and bikini-line irritated so, I upgraded my blades to three three_blade_razor  w the aloe & shea butter strips. I still came up with the same results. I decided to go up to four blades four_blade_razor at that point I was wondering if I was doing too much, I didn’t see any difference with the aftermath of the shaving. Then I saw a five blade razor five_blade_razor  and the six blade razor six_blade_razor and did I mention the blades with a micro chip?!? Weird! (1) I didn’t know such blades existed then (2) were these more effective with each stroke and time then the others with less number of blades. So, I started to research the history of shaving again and I came across the key factor. Simplicity.   So, I went backwards and bought a single blade disposable razor Single_blade_disposable_shaving_razor … using the shaving techniques that ensures close & smooth results, plus I use a new razor with each shave. The results were satisfactory,  I found my razor! =D yaaaaay!!!! Would you believe there are multi-blade razors out there?!?! I was wide-eyed over the Duode 12 blade razor 12_blade_razor and the ridiculous 22 blade razor 22blades_razor by Gillette. All I can say about these hair removing devices is….. In the words of my man, Inspector Gadget “Yeowizzers!!!!” I encourage all of you do your due diligence and find what works best for you! Everyone on this planet is different, so what works for one may NOT work for another. Be intrepid, open and experiment! Merci Beaucoup mon amies!!!!


All images came from http://www.GOOGLE.com .. Merci Google!!!! 

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Spring Fling Wear: Mens Loungewear sneak peek

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

It is Springtime!!! =)) whoo-hoo!!!! This is one of my absolute favourite seasons, there’s so much to love and appreciate. the melting of snow, the warmth of the sun, nature’s vibrant colour palette, the shedding of heavy clothes and the appearances of human skin! Yes, I said human skin. I love to see well sculpted bodies, no matter the gender or race. Pure aesthetics, it’s visually appealing along with manicured toes and smell good pheromones. Oh yeah! It is MATING SEASON, hahahaa.

For those who dropped their snuggle bunny on or before Valentine’s Day, women or men’s, now is the time to scout out a new prospect. Hopefully, everybody did their due diligence and did their bodily Spring Preparations. For instance, the medi-pedi treatments, detoxing the body for pleasant healthy scents and not the latter, adjusting clothes that may not be so flattering to the figure, HIV check-ups and all that’s relative to ensure happy and healthy sexual relations.

I, too, been occupied getting ready for this awesome season. I have crafted an original piece that reflects the style of ancient royals, like pharaohs and kings of the jungle. I have been in the lab to manifest this vision for my men, a loungewear, if you will, that surpasses the norm as society would proclaim what “normal” is. After months of trial and error, it has come to reality and I must say, this modern twist to an attire that was in trend centuries ago, has many people perplexed. “What is it?” “Where would I wear it?” … “I don’t know” =)) I find the feedback comical however positive, all criticism is constructive. Here’s a look at.. what I call.. the G-Cloth

Image     Yes, you are looking at a 21st century approach to the loin cloth. This garment is made of soft stretch material with a microfiber lining to eliminate chaffing against the skin. There are snaps and Velcro to prevent falling and the topping to this is… there are pockets! Truly a convenience when lounging around or if this piece is a part of an outside adventure, costume party, massage parlor or wherever where less clothes are more.

It could be worn bare or with undies. The point is to be comfortable. The alternative to walking around in a towel, that eventually falls off when it’s least expected or at an inappropriate time. Sitting down the towel is fine, it’s the getting up that can lead to embarrassment. The G-Cloth has a preventive approach to that “oh shish…” moment and it’s called Velcro! =)) plus it’s customized! I make this tailored to your measurements and specifications, creating the ultimate men’s loungewear. I’m so stoked about this! I had to post a sample piture before I get professional shots! Many thanks to my neighbor for trying it on!!! =D I greatly appreciate you!

Interested in learning more?????  Email me: mygsspot@gmail.com … I totally look forward to hearing from you!!!! Enjoy the day mon amie =D


*** the garment, G-Cloth, is a TONGE Intimates original and rights are reserved. Patent pending***

To my Awesome Readers with LOVE!!!

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I would like to say MILLION ONE THANKS to all of you who have read, suggested and shared information on this blog. Through your interest and awesomeness The G Spot has reached over 1500 readers WORLDWIDE =D *whoop whoop* I am elated beyond words and highly excited!
I am currently putting together the long anticipated ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ post =)) I am excited about its completion also! *A thousand thanks to all of those who participated in this post. All the interviews were insightful, enlightening and aspiring to me. I aim for you to get the same feeling.
Stay tuned!!!!
I am also accepting applications for any freelance creative writers who are interested in health, sex and underwear and likes to research information on these topics. If youare this person, or know someone who is email me: mygsspot@gmail.com … send a sample piece of work! I look forward to reading it =D Oui!

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Missed you lots! Let’s Kiss (muah) :-*

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Ca va bien? How you been?
2012 has been an interesting and inspiring ride thus far, for me and for TONGE!!!

Production of TONGE Intimates has been awesome, I’ve been invited to a fashion showcase in Nassau, Bahamas. I’ve worked on some recording artists projects. I’ve even worked with swimwear! *interesting how sewing it isn’t so easy. It was a great challenge still…
In midst of all the production and the numerous other projects I have in motion, I haven’t forgotten about you, my beloved readers!
I have been, still am working on a post about SEX… from a psychological standpoint not so much physical details.
It’s titled: Let’s Talk about SEX

I have been conducting interviews and gathering information from local people here in Atlanta, Georgia on whether: it is easier for single people to talk about what they like/dislike with the person they’re having sex with, oppose to those who are in a relationship? does media influence their perception on sex and relationships? do they know themselves enough to tell the person of interest what they like/dislike in the bedroom? *or wherever you like to do “it” ;-)) (wink, wink)
It has been a wild ride gathering, filtering and organising the responses. This post is going to be AWESOME and I know you all will thoroughly enjoy it as much as I am =))

*Merci beaucoup to EVERYONE who has participated! I greatly appreciate it. You guys ROCK!!!

I have much more to go with this post however I will keep all of you abreast of the progress!

Au revoir!!! :* :*

Chocolate & Lace!!!!

Salut tout le mode!!!!

Quick update! I will be showcasing my pieces next month (September) in Atlanta, Ga at the Chocolate Bar!!!

This will be a show unlike any other!!! This lingerie show will be a collective of my last two pieces: Nude Elegance: Chocolate Edition and Garden of Eden 3000 ….
I will be showing a sneak peak of my new collection of this year!!!! =D

18th September 2011
The Original Chocolate Bar – Atlanta, Ga 30303

Tonge Intimates on the Go-Go Vixens

Bonjour mon amie!!!

It has been a trying few months however I was able to dress one of Atlanta’s Hottest Dance troupe -> Go-Go Vixens <- They put the dancers on 'Coyote Ugly' on elementary school dance level! I was asked to dress 6 beautiful and vibrant ladies for the Honey Hustle Ent night "Tipsy Tuesdays" at the EastSide Lounge in the East Atlanta Village area (if you are in Atlanta, Ga check them out! {Cool people and drunken good times!}
I have some pictures for the awesome night of FREE shots, hookahs, glow sticks, girl-on-girl sex scences, body shots, the infamous Ali-en on the drums, girls swinging around the place, dancing on the bar and even Fire!!! :-O OUI! There was definitely fire in the building and Oui! The Go-Go Vixens set it off!!!!! …. Her are some pictures of the wild and amazingly fun night! Biggup all the Go-Go Vixens who allowed me to dress their bodies and add to the inner prawless who roams with in them!
That IS what TONGE (undergarments) and Tonge Intimates (lingerie) is ALL about! The aim is to accenuate the inner beauty and beast within… Sexy is comfort and confidence!!!!!

*Dancer: Alley

*Dancer: Meliya

its velcro!!! Oops!
*Dancer: Immaculate

*Dancer: Raven

*Dancer: Shanae

*Dancer: LaTrice

Biggup Styles Photos for capturing the night!!!! Check her out: stylesphotos.com