Spring Fling Wear: Mens Loungewear sneak peek

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It is Springtime!!! =)) whoo-hoo!!!! This is one of my absolute favourite seasons, there’s so much to love and appreciate. the melting of snow, the warmth of the sun, nature’s vibrant colour palette, the shedding of heavy clothes and the appearances of human skin! Yes, I said human skin. I love to see well sculpted bodies, no matter the gender or race. Pure aesthetics, it’s visually appealing along with manicured toes and smell good pheromones. Oh yeah! It is MATING SEASON, hahahaa.

For those who dropped their snuggle bunny on or before Valentine’s Day, women or men’s, now is the time to scout out a new prospect. Hopefully, everybody did their due diligence and did their bodily Spring Preparations. For instance, the medi-pedi treatments, detoxing the body for pleasant healthy scents and not the latter, adjusting clothes that may not be so flattering to the figure, HIV check-ups and all that’s relative to ensure happy and healthy sexual relations.

I, too, been occupied getting ready for this awesome season. I have crafted an original piece that reflects the style of ancient royals, like pharaohs and kings of the jungle. I have been in the lab to manifest this vision for my men, a loungewear, if you will, that surpasses the norm as society would proclaim what “normal” is. After months of trial and error, it has come to reality and I must say, this modern twist to an attire that was in trend centuries ago, has many people perplexed. “What is it?” “Where would I wear it?” … “I don’t know” =)) I find the feedback comical however positive, all criticism is constructive. Here’s a look at.. what I call.. the G-Cloth

Image     Yes, you are looking at a 21st century approach to the loin cloth. This garment is made of soft stretch material with a microfiber lining to eliminate chaffing against the skin. There are snaps and Velcro to prevent falling and the topping to this is… there are pockets! Truly a convenience when lounging around or if this piece is a part of an outside adventure, costume party, massage parlor or wherever where less clothes are more.

It could be worn bare or with undies. The point is to be comfortable. The alternative to walking around in a towel, that eventually falls off when it’s least expected or at an inappropriate time. Sitting down the towel is fine, it’s the getting up that can lead to embarrassment. The G-Cloth has a preventive approach to that “oh shish…” moment and it’s called Velcro! =)) plus it’s customized! I make this tailored to your measurements and specifications, creating the ultimate men’s loungewear. I’m so stoked about this! I had to post a sample piture before I get professional shots! Many thanks to my neighbor for trying it on!!! =D I greatly appreciate you!

Interested in learning more?????  Email me: mygsspot@gmail.com … I totally look forward to hearing from you!!!! Enjoy the day mon amie =D


*** the garment, G-Cloth, is a TONGE Intimates original and rights are reserved. Patent pending***


Black Innovators, Inventors and Leaders: Carter G. Woodson

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Today marks the 88th year that we are acknowledging the contributions, achievements and struggles of African-Americans. Let me re-introduced you all to the originator of this heritage awareness month, amazing as it is, I am not talking about Martin Luther King, Jr or Malcolm X or even Rosa Parks. The brother who speak of, was a fundamentalist of multicultural education as an avenue to lessen racial discrimination. May I have the honour to introduce you all to the man well known as the Father of Black History“, Dr. Carter G. Woodson.

carl_g_woodson Born Carter Godwin Woodson (1875-1950) in New Canton, Virginia son of former slaves, he and his siblings grew up poor. The importance of education, history, family and growth was fundamental. Even though Woodson started his schooling at 17, he graduated Douglass High in TWO years! In 1897, at 22 years old, he started teaching at a county school for about 3 years then in 1900 he returned to his high school and became principal. In 1903, Woodson moved to Kentucky to attend Berea College to study Literature after which it has been reported that he started to work for the government. He was relocated to the Philippines to be the school superintendent from 1903-07. A year later he returned to America and got his Bachelor & Master degrees from the University of Chicago. In 1912, he went to Harvard University to study African-American history, being one of the first in that field. Later on he became the 2nd African-American man to received a doctorate from there, the 1st was W.E.B DuBois. He wrote his dissertation, ‘The Disruption of Virginia’, from his research done at the Library of Congress during his time teaching high school in Washington D.C. Woodson continued teaching in public schools after earning his Ph. D from Harvard, his path of education went on to Howard University where he was the Dean of College Art and Sciences. Several years later Dr. Woodson was also Dean at, what is now, West Virginia State University.

A true scholar, in 1915, Dr. Carter G. Woodson noticed the lack of information on the culture of black people and of those who accomplished amazing fleets wasn’t being published. He recognized then the imperative importance of letting his know of the accomplishments of their ancestors. Dr. Woodson researched and partnered with, Alexander L. Jackson to put together a publication of contributions black people has done in America, “The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861” . Soon after that Dr. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, known today as the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History (ASALH). In 1916, the Journal of Negro History was published and couple years after that he came out with ‘A Century of Negro Migration’ (1918). It is said that during 1921, Dr. Woodson founded a printing press called, Association Publishers Press, where he published ‘The History of the Negro Church’ (1921) along with several other publications through Negro University Press and his own, such as “The Mis-Education of the Negro” (1933) { I had this book! =)) } Dr. Woodson wrote more than just books, there was news articles as well, he had a few published pieces in Marcus Garvey’s newsletter!

The birth of Negro History Week, an educational program Woodson was granted in the public school in Washington D.C. back in 1926, came from his ideal concept that rising one’s awareness of other races culture and historical background. Negro History Week happened in the mid-week of the month of February, it’s said he chose this week to commemorate the birthdays of abolitionist, Fredrick Doulgass fredrick_doulgass (it’s believed that Douglass was born in February however it is known that he transcended on the 20th of February 1895) and the president who freed the slaves, Abraham Lincolnabraham_lincoln< >(12th of February – April 1865) In this same year, Dr. Woodson was honoured with the National Association of Advancement of Coloured People Spingran Medal. In 1976 it grew from week to into a month of honouring outstanding African-Americans who continue to build and improve this land many black people call home, the United States of America.

A renowned historian, educator, author, journalist & activist who dedicated his life to keeping the past alive. Through history and education one can evolve to greater planes of life. I strongly believe that Dr. Carter Woodson’s ambitions of sharing knowledge was more than just to show that knowing one’s historical past but also to encourage & strengthen their character and becomes an aide in the conquest of success in the future. The history of the black people in America was, in the words of Dr. C.G. Woodson, “…overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed by the writers of history textbooks and the teachers who use them.” (Wikipedia, 2014) Education the schools, back then and up to present days, was half accurate with the information that’s feed to the children. Many scholars, black and white, in his time and during mine have consistently publish books noting the holes in the education system. {I’m a lover of education! Hence, blog… I’m just sayin… =) } Woodson realized that the preservation of black history, here in America and abroad, was necessary and essential. To quote Dr. Woodson again on the topic of race and education, “is merely the logical result of tradition, the inevitable outcome of thorough instruction to the effect that the Negro has never contributed anything to the progress of mankind.” (Wikipedia, 2014) This was a fabricated notion that many Americans settled with as facts, Dr. Woodson was determined to show and prove otherwise. For the story of the fore-parents of this land, in it’s truth and glory, it was NOT going to be in the textbooks. It was obvious that all cultures teach, share and implement traditions, proverbs and names of their ancestors to the younger generation to install their race legacy in the world; the black race in America should be no different.


I agree with Dr. C. G Woodson, if we all educated ourselves on the various differences between each race it could reduce the racial tension here in this land of opportunity for all mankind. As the saying goes, “there’s more to a book than its cover”. This has been said in many ways & languages, despite the rearrangement of the words the meaning is and will be the same. Take the time to know your history, know yourself and your surroundings – people, places and things. Knowledge is Key, unlock the truth and discover beyond what’s been handled to you.

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To my Awesome Readers with LOVE!!!

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I would like to say MILLION ONE THANKS to all of you who have read, suggested and shared information on this blog. Through your interest and awesomeness The G Spot has reached over 1500 readers WORLDWIDE =D *whoop whoop* I am elated beyond words and highly excited!
I am currently putting together the long anticipated ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ post =)) I am excited about its completion also! *A thousand thanks to all of those who participated in this post. All the interviews were insightful, enlightening and aspiring to me. I aim for you to get the same feeling.
Stay tuned!!!!
I am also accepting applications for any freelance creative writers who are interested in health, sex and underwear and likes to research information on these topics. If youare this person, or know someone who is email me: mygsspot@gmail.com … send a sample piece of work! I look forward to reading it =D Oui!

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Getting Hip to Hep C

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I want to share with you some information that had me rethink how and where we put our trust, in terms of hospitals and doctors. I have nothing but respect for all those who work in the healthcare field. Learning about the human body and the sea of various conditions, aliments and diseases that can interfere with our overall health. Now, let us say that there’s a person visiting the doctor for their annual check-up and as the person is waiting to see their doctor, a physician’s assistant comes in and takes their blood and checks their temperature – usual prep work- and the doctor comes in and goes through their usual visit routine. Everybody is clam and is under the impression that all is well. Some time has passed and the person gets sick from weather change and goes to the doctor about the cold thinking that it may be the seasonal flu but to the contrary, the doctor tells them that they have Hepatitis C. SURPRISE! Well, not so much but this story is a depiction of what’s really happening here in the USA .
There has been a lot of reports of a man who has been impersonating a doctor and giving patients the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) …. :-O WHAT?!?!?
Shocking I know, who or what reason is there for someone to do such a thing??? I haven’t heard of Hepatitis C since the death of America’s number one daredevil, the late Evel Knievel in 1999.
So what is Hepatitis C???
It is a disease that attacks the liver that can cause chronic infections which damages the liver and can lead to cancers, cirrhosis (the result of liver disease) and fatal malfunctions of the liver.
People who are affected by this more than likely will NOT have any symptoms, at least not until cirrhosis develops which may lead to liver failure, liver cancer and other life-threatening maladies.
The way people contract this is through blood to blood contact with transfusions, sharing needles and poor sterilized medical equipment.
The good news is that there is cure for it, in its early stages as of now. Progression is in progress!

* wikipedia.com
* dailytimes.com.pk
* http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001329/
* (information about the man who spreading hepatitis C) http://abcnews.go.com/US/hepatitis-serial-infector-spread-disease-thousands/story?id=16877168#.UBSNJFKDzYU

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‘Tis the Season…. Check-in!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

This is the time of the year where we get all wrapped up in deciding what to do OR what to get for our loved ones, co-workers, friends and/or associates -busniess or otherwise-; whether it’s toys, books, clothes, car or money ( can’t go wrong with money! ) we wreck our brains and pockets for the best, economical gift!

In mist of us going coo-coo for these special gifts, we sometimes forget that some “gifts” aren’t worth giving or getting from those we care about. What am I talking about??? STDs, my friends!!!! Sexuall Transmitted Dis-ease!!!!! I know you weren’t thinking about this; however with all the exciting and vibrant ads on TV and the Internet on material gifts and sexy fun time clothes and things, something as important as STDs gets put on the back burner of our minds! ( I, too, tend to forget ) As I’m sewing special naughty delightful things, I’m not thinking about the negative after effects of what a grrrreat sexual experience and bring!
*this sweet BlackBerry lace shorts with snap sides can definitely be distracting… OR
*this delightful Milky Way Playsuit with elastic strings on the back (top & bottom) can deter one’s thought of caution before play!

But we must do what we can to “play” safe in closing of this year and the opening of the next!!! I greatly encourage everyone to get a check up to make sure everything is still in tack and sqeaky clean! So, as your wrapping up gifts & things for everyone; Please Wrap-up the most pleasureable valueable jewels this Christmas!!!
IF your sensitive to the common protectants ( like latex or spermicides )there are plenty safe alternatives!!!
–> Polyurethane condoms ( Trojan & Durex has them); Polyisoprene condoms ( Durex Avanti & Lifestyles has them ) & Female condoms ( FC2 has ployurethane and Nitrile ) *These are the better choices to protect against STDs, STIs and pregancy* there is also Lambskin -this is a natural membrane that’s not totally STD protective but it gets lots of praise; Nonoxynol-9 ( ENCARE vaginity suppository not much a STD blocker but works well with the polyurethane and lambskin condoms ) *mind you they DO NOT prevent STDs or STIs but has prevent pregancy*

Nothing sucks more than bringing in the New Year being burnt or without knowing what your sexual status is!!! If you are like me and have a Bday coming up soon, that can Really put a damper on the always pleasurable Bday Sex!!!! =D
I’m sure we all enjoy those!!!!

Let’s make our 2011 a heavenly blissful one!!! Keep watch for more pictures and products from TONGE Intimates!!!! I’ve been getting plenty request for customized men underwear, which puts a HUGE smile on my face!!!! =D
So, definitely keep up with the TONGE cause we are doing BIG things as well as, staying positive & productive!!!!
I will check in with you again before the end of the year 2010 and hopefully you treated yourself to knowing where your status!!!
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Have a very Merry X-mas!!!!!! from TONGE Intimates!!!!!! Au Revoir!!!


Garden of Exotics!!!

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!
In the absence of many posts, TONGE Intimates was asked to showcase some lingerie pieces for an event -Stay Fresh- here in Atlanta,Ga I have been in the creative dungeon making some the of the maddening creations!!! Alterations to the concept of lingerie and the practicality & durability of the most risque naughty wear! ;D

Here is just a tinnie tiny taste of the tantalizing fruits of the future in the Garden of Eden 3000 collection!!!

*White Chocolate bodysuit
Model: Jacell
Show: Stay Fresh!

*Milkyway playsuit
Model: Terry
Show: Stay Fresh!


Big Up to ALL the models who walked in the Stay Fresh! event this past Sat (13th Nov 2010) … the venue was Dope! Big Up Metropolitan Lofts D-15! Big Up E.M.G for the photos! There will be plenty more so stay tuned!!!


STD Experiments!!!! — Sheer Madness!!!

Salut my friends!!!

I got some news for you!!! … First let me tell you…

The G Spot is not only an intimate apparel blog but it’s also a site where you can get informative news on the body’s overall health and beauty.

All during the month of September I have been the bat cave sewing provocative yet sophisticated lingerie pieces. We all know that lingerie is designed to enhance the body’s natural curves and demensions. In doing so, the person wearing lingerie should in turn feel liberating seductive and sexy! If you’re feeling randy baby, you would want to get it on!!!
Simple equation with sexual gratifictional results! =) { at least in theory… }

But we all must be aware of the negative adverse effects to our lustful primative instincts! Check out this article on the governments experiments on Guatemalan patients who was infected with syphilis and gonorrhea 60 years ago!!! { I mean sex is grrrrreat! But getting a viral disease is NOT! Its worse when you go to get treatment and become an experiment! }
“‘Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health. We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices.'” – statement made by both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
Although this happened in another country, doesnt necessarily mean it didn’t or couldn’t happen here. Or to someone you know, maybe even close to.