Happy Singles Day!!!!!

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!!


Today is a celebration for those who has yet to be paired with their ideal mate. The person who is willing to tolerate and grow with another on one platform in their lives or another.

I know you are probably thinking… is this legitimately real? … The answer is, Oui! It is! =D I know is sounds bizarre like, Steak & a Blow Day aka Mens Valentines Day … However just like how that day came into existence so did this day.

It originates from a college campus in China back in 1993, Nanjing University – to be exact. It was primarily for the men, Bachelor’s Day, but that didn’t last to long, Singes Day became a day for both genders to come together, socialize and party. In our youth, we don’t really need a deep or profound reason to party, any day can be a day to celebrate some facet of life! On the 11th of Novembre, it is purely about the four single number ones (11.11) which explains the title, Singles Day. This day gained popularity once the founders graduated from the university and took it into society. To participate is simple, many singles would just get together and party, whether at a club, karaoke or blind dating. The object is to find a mate, nonetheless, find someone who will make the single into a pair… singles_day_couple_image this day comes with a signature meal as well, it’s called, Youtiao (deep-fried dough sticks) representing the four “ones” in “11.11” and one Baozi (steamed stuffed bun) representing the middle dot. singles-day-02_food_image  Isn’t that yummy looking!!! I would totally eat that and dunk my youtiao in some organic soy sauce and wash it down with some plum wine =D!!!

Over 20 years later, and this day has grown from just the college campus between the youths, it had developed into a great opportunity for businesses to make some moo-lah as well!!!! In our tech savvy world, Singles Day is considered one of the biggest online shopping days in China & globally! singles_day_shopping_ad_images It is like the American equivalent to Valentines Day, which is also the biggest shopping day next to Christmas. In Octobre of 2012, one company in China, Alibaba Group, alibaba_11.11 day_images trademarked the term “双十一” (meaning “Double 11”) {registration numbers 10136470 and 10136420}*  They recognized the financial impact of this day and sought legal rights over it. It was reported in 2012, that an online shopping mall, Taobao, grossed about $19 billion CNY, in product! That is about $3 billion USD!!! I mean jut look at this chart, alibaba_money chart_11.11 day_image ,  now tell me, who says there isn’t a price on LOVE?!?!?!! We are in a materialistic world and buying a gift for love of another, for self or for both is normal. And not doing so is viewed negatively.

What I have learned from this day is… No matter what day it is… Always celebrate YOU!!! AwesomeSingles

This day also raised a lingering question I’ve been wondering about for sometime…. What constitutes one as being single? I mean, if you are in a relationship are you still “single”? Does marriage remove the uncertainty and lack of commitment that couples have who are not married? What defines boyfriend/girlfriend relationships & marriages? … Hmmm, something to discuss with your single friends and married ones! This day is a day of finding that someone to make your solo moments a duo! More happy days shared with another, opposed to focusing on whats absent and the emotional anchor that follows, like this picture –> S.A.D_singles day_images Being alone bring a different level of joy, I believe this kind of thought supports this “holiday”, as it’s viewed in some places, I like to see today like this picture –> singles_day_image2  .. What are your thoughts about today? Discuss and share your thoughts! I would love to know!!! =D

Enjoy the day! Au revoir!!! =D

OH! If you are wanting to participate via online shopping, http://www.Overstock.com has an Awesome deal exclusively for this day!!! I LOVE ME DAY!!!! 

*the information came from http://www.Wikipedia.org


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