Spring Fling Wear: Mens Loungewear sneak peek

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

It is Springtime!!! =)) whoo-hoo!!!! This is one of my absolute favourite seasons, there’s so much to love and appreciate. the melting of snow, the warmth of the sun, nature’s vibrant colour palette, the shedding of heavy clothes and the appearances of human skin! Yes, I said human skin. I love to see well sculpted bodies, no matter the gender or race. Pure aesthetics, it’s visually appealing along with manicured toes and smell good pheromones. Oh yeah! It is MATING SEASON, hahahaa.

For those who dropped their snuggle bunny on or before Valentine’s Day, women or men’s, now is the time to scout out a new prospect. Hopefully, everybody did their due diligence and did their bodily Spring Preparations. For instance, the medi-pedi treatments, detoxing the body for pleasant healthy scents and not the latter, adjusting clothes that may not be so flattering to the figure, HIV check-ups and all that’s relative to ensure happy and healthy sexual relations.

I, too, been occupied getting ready for this awesome season. I have crafted an original piece that reflects the style of ancient royals, like pharaohs and kings of the jungle. I have been in the lab to manifest this vision for my men, a loungewear, if you will, that surpasses the norm as society would proclaim what “normal” is. After months of trial and error, it has come to reality and I must say, this modern twist to an attire that was in trend centuries ago, has many people perplexed. “What is it?” “Where would I wear it?” … “I don’t know” =)) I find the feedback comical however positive, all criticism is constructive. Here’s a look at.. what I call.. the G-Cloth

Image     Yes, you are looking at a 21st century approach to the loin cloth. This garment is made of soft stretch material with a microfiber lining to eliminate chaffing against the skin. There are snaps and Velcro to prevent falling and the topping to this is… there are pockets! Truly a convenience when lounging around or if this piece is a part of an outside adventure, costume party, massage parlor or wherever where less clothes are more.

It could be worn bare or with undies. The point is to be comfortable. The alternative to walking around in a towel, that eventually falls off when it’s least expected or at an inappropriate time. Sitting down the towel is fine, it’s the getting up that can lead to embarrassment. The G-Cloth has a preventive approach to that “oh shish…” moment and it’s called Velcro! =)) plus it’s customized! I make this tailored to your measurements and specifications, creating the ultimate men’s loungewear. I’m so stoked about this! I had to post a sample piture before I get professional shots! Many thanks to my neighbor for trying it on!!! =D I greatly appreciate you!

Interested in learning more?????  Email me: mygsspot@gmail.com … I totally look forward to hearing from you!!!! Enjoy the day mon amie =D


*** the garment, G-Cloth, is a TONGE Intimates original and rights are reserved. Patent pending***


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