I Wondered What Life Was

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

I rose this morning feeling a certain way, not sure at the time what it was but I got up, washed my face and upon drying my hands off it hit me… Wheat happened to my companion. Half consciously aware of my movements, I staggered my butt back to bed. My alarm clocks, yes I have 2, going off loud and in distant ranges where I have to get back up to hit the “snooze” button. I couldn’t ignore it, I had to deal with them, in as much I wanted to curl up in my warm bed and slide my curious fingers up and down my lovers body. Alas…. no one else was in the bed. So, I got up and by chance… I read this post. The irony lead me to share w all of you. =) enjoy the read and I will post later.


I Wondered What Life Was.


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