March Awareness

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

Bienvenue to the marvelous month of March!!! =) March is one of my favourite months, all because it’s the 3rd month of the year and #3 is my number! Ok, so, I am a little bias whatever =) {Do you have a favourite number or a few? I do!} I also like March because it marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring!!! =)) yay!!! Let’s hang up the heavy coats and bring out the light jackets. Oui!
As I get ready for this month I thought to see what other cool happenings are going on, so I went to Google. I clicked on an awareness calendar to see what this month and the others had listed. I wasn’t ready for what unfolded before me, every month had a long list of topics to be aware of. Let me share with you all what listed for March… Brace yourselves…

March is:

*Brain Injury Awareness Month
*Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
*Endometriosis Awareness Month
*Gender Equality Month
*Greek-American Heritage Month
*Irish-American Heritage Month
*Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month
*Mental Retardation Awareness Month
*Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
*Nutrition Month
*Red Cross Month
*Self Harm Awareness Month
*Social Worker’s Month
*Women’s History Month

Tu regarde?!!?! You see, there is 14 of them! {yes, I counted} There’s enough for one to learn & share each interest for about two days and move on to the next one. I only of 1! Nutrition Awareness, who know there are so many! You know what?! That’s what I will do, I will search, learn & share my findings!
I could’ve guessed this would be Irish-American Heritage Month but I didn’t know and so that is where I start today! The purpose of Heritage Months is to become culturally knowledgeable of all ethic backgrounds that make up this melting pot of a country, the good ole USA.

Irish-American Hertiage Month untitled

I learned that Irish-American Heritage Month came from the observance of Saint Patrick’s Day, which was originally a religious holiday. St. Patrick’s Day was named after the man , or saint, who brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century.
Over time, this honourable day became a celebration of everything Irish. The first parade happened on the 17th of March 1762, there were Irish soldiers marching the streets of New York in their English military uniforms. (There are some whispers that the 1st St. Patty’s Day *nickname for St. Patrick’s day* parade was in Boston. Ma…) This probably explains the heavy Irish population in he New England region; for instance: places like, Maine, Vermont, Boston, Rhode Island, New York and others. imagesZ0XYU3AJ

This one day event grew into a yearly celebration participated by all that, in 1948 the president Henry S.Truman, whom is of Scotch-Irish blood, attended. So did the first Irish-Catholic president, John F. Kennedy in 1961, it was big news to all. Decades later, in 1991, Congress decided to commemorate the festivities and made this month, March, as the Irish-American Heritage Month. imagesBF4PCNU2
Like Black History Month, National Latino Heritage Month and Asian/South-pacific Heritage Month, this was created to honour the lives of those who migrated from Ireland and their descendants to achieve their dreams in the land of milk & honey. There were many were dedicated, contributed and accomplished great things here in America. Such as: Commodore John Barry – regarded as the hero of the American Revolution; Sergeant Major Daniel Daly, USMC – was known for his exceptional fighting skills on and off the battlefield; Colonel Eileen Collins – she was the 1st woman to command a U.S. spacecraft; Christa McAuliffe – Astronaut/ teacher just to list a few.

Each year, since 1991 with president George H.W. Bush, there has been a Presidential Proclamation of this month honouring those Irish immigrants who help America be where she is today. First in the morning there is a Shamrock ceremony, this is the presentation of a shamrock given to the President from a crystal bowl {ohh la laa, special shamrock} in the Oval Office then it’s followed by a Friends of Ireland luncheon at the U.S Capital. The attendees: The President, Vice President, the Speaker, Taoiseach (this is the Prime Minister of Ireland) and other government officials. {I wonder if they drink the infamous green beer} imagesAQXEEJNS

Here’s a picture of the current President Barack Obama & Taoiseach Enda Kenny together on St. Patty’s Day 2012 240px-Barack_Obama_and_Enda_Kenny_in_the_Oval_Office_2012 at the looks of things maybe the luncheon feature drink was green beer, hee hee =)

Beannacht Maith! <- means "good-bye" in Irish… thanks to



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