Madame G’s Boudoir Favourites: March 2014

Salut mon amies!!!

I have created this post to share with you all what are my top favs in the delicious world sexual arousal, temptation, pleasure, pain and ecstasy!!!
There will be up-to-date posts on all of these delightful awesome topics such as: Shoes, Lingerie, Hosiery, Naughty gadgets & things plus more! =)) oui, j’adore! *Yes, I love it!*

Today, for example, Just Fab ( ) posted their Top 10 shoes for March. Normally when I look at there selection I do a glance if anything sticks out, I may buy it. However this was no ordinary day, I opened the email and BOOM! I saw my new line right before my eyes! well, figuratively speaking, of course… It’s bananas that these shoes are the colour palette for my spring/summer collection! =)) C’est fou! *It’s crazy!* I got inspired to create a page and share it with all of you.

Here are a few that stood out to me, these shoes are my top 5 on their top 10 list, that are worth posting and… over-the-shoulder appropriate (hee hee wink, wink)
Bienvenue Madames!
354322-01-1_589x860 Lady Jesadora (even the name is SEXY ohh la la) 354159-10-1_589x860 Lady Rynter 354141-14-1_589x860 Lady Lilias 354259-10-1_589x860 Lady Agnese
354250-10-1_589x860 Lady Vernon

These are delectable samples of what inspired me to create this new collection…. What is its name??? … I won’t tell you yet! I am keeping it a surprise, it has been awhile since my last full line so I want to build up the suspense and drop little clues here and there… =)

In the meantime, checkout JustFab latest! ( ) they have luxurious styles on the economical saavy budget =))
Just imagine wearing one of those sexy heels with This:

ESL pix_alley_front close upGarment: Lady B1AKBR3 3-piece (top, panty and skirt); Collection: Garden of Eden 3000; Dancer: Alley

or to This: ESL pix_ravin_frontGarment: Lady D.C Blanche (halter top) Lady Cho D. Lait (high-waist thong); Collection: Nude Elegance: Chocolat Edition; Dancer: Raven

or how about This One:ESL pix_melia
Garment: Lady BLU3BR3; One piece romper Collection: Garden of Eden 3000; Dancer: Melia

we ALL know what pair go scrumptious with This: ESL pix_shanae_front sexyGarment: Lady Cheri Noir; 2-piece set Collection: Nude Elegance: Chocolat Edition; Dancer: Shanae

Merci beaucoup to the photographer: Ms. Styles, for capturing some nice pictures of the event, my garments and the candids. It was a good time, we all had a blast! Check out her photo gallery:

Au Revoir!


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