Black Innovators, Inventors and Leaders: John Hanson, the Moor

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Aujourd’hui in America it is a national holiday, President’s Day, My original idea was to unearth the facts and truth about the First black president over the United States; however with the advancement of technology and the internet the information I once found has many sides to what is to be historical truth. I remember in my teenage years in high school reading the words to an essay, The First Black President, below it was a picture of a serious faced black man. I was in awe. Now, whether this man was the first president of the United States??? I will let you all decide with the snippet of information provided. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to dig and discover more so that it can be shared. =)
Without farther ado, I would like to introduce you all: John Hanson aka John Hanson, the Moor.


John Hanson, one name to one man with two extravagant stories to all which describes a Leader.
The 1st theory: John Hanson, the moor, was the First President of the United Stated under the Articles of Confederation. Not the merchant from Maryland john_hanson_white who many know as the first president of the United States. The Moor, Hanson, has been mentioned in a slim selection of literature dated in the 18th century. The few bits of information I found, thus far, says that… On the 1st of March 1781, the New Country was formed, a leader was needed to govern the united states as one especially after the Revolution War. It was during that time, John Hanson was unanimously appointed as president under the Articles of Confederation. Crazy thing was, the president didn’t have any designated tasks at that time, a leader was just needed to govern the newly joined states. Given the recent war, President Hanson’s priority concern came from the troops who had a list of demands. As President the matter was handled, as well as, sent the foreign troops back to their homelands. In addition to that the president also, established the Great Seal of the United States (which is still used as the official seal for all of the White House documents to this day), he also put into place the first Treasury Department, the first Foreign Affairs Department, the first Secretary of War and it’s said that President Hanson made the fourth Thursday of Novembre Thanksgiving Day. Undoubtingly these were amazing accomplishments the President did during his term. To the contrary of assumed thought of what is known as the standard presidential term, under the Articles of Confederation, the president was only allotted one year in office. What’s recorded is President John Hanson, the moor, served the year 1781-1782. Before the United States Constitution was formed in 1788-89 and George Washington was elected into the White House, there were six other men whom sat in the President’s chair.

The 2nd theory: Born decades after the white John Hanson (1721-1783), the Black John Hanson was indeed a black man who did amazing things for the black people in America at that time. Articles written on the black, John Hanson has mentioned numerously his allegiance with the American Colonization Society (ACS), an organization formed in 1816, that gave black people the option and accessible means to go back home to Africa. It was during this time the country Liberia was created, Land of the Free. John Hanson was a political figure there, he served as the Senator of Grand Bassa County, a province in Liberia.

How did these two heavy political figures get mixed up? There are so many unanswered questions that are like riddles… { at least to me they are } There are sources if information that say the proof in the black Hanson presidential role is in the picture on the back of the $2 dollar bill 2dollarbillback_blackman_official here’s a closer look 2_bill_blackman_large pic
Although Hanson’s signature wasn’t listed on the Articles of Confederation, so it’s been claimed. There are also sources that say the black John Hanson was the political official for the country of Liberia because of the photograph that was taken of him, the key to that fact is the era of photography as we know it was invented long before the days of the white John Hanson. However, a rebuttal to that is the predecessor to photography was the daguerreotype, a photographic device that made pictures from a intricate process involving images being put on a sliver plate, few drop of iodine and some exposure to mercury. Poof! A picture is made.

Whether John Hanson, the moor, was the actual first president of the Untied States or not; He had done awesome things that still inspires to this day. History definitely teaches; one can never stop learning. Seeking the truth can be a tireless journey. John Hanson’s efforts are appreciated it’s unfortunate that Liberia is constantly at unrest.

Au revoir!!!



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