Black Innovators, Inventors and Leaders: Mark Dean

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

Today we will learn about the man behind the team who created the one-gigahertz chip, amongst other computer related inventions that we all use everyday and practically every way of our lives. I have the honour of introducing to you: Mark Dean

mark_deanMark Dean, born 2nd of March 1957 in Jefferson City, Tennessee. As a youth he exceled in math however his passion was building things, him his father would build computer, radio and even an amplifier. He followed that drive to University of Tennessee where he studied electrical engineering and got his Bachelors degree. Dean didn’t stop there, he continued on and went to Florida Atlantic University where he got his Masters and received his Ph. D from Stanford all in the same field of study.

Dr. Mark Dean started to work for IBM in 1980, right after he got his Bachelors, he has proven that he was, still is, an asset to the IBM corporation. He modified the basic personal computer (PC) that was on market back then, what he did was create a colour PC monitor. Little did he know whole technology industry was shifted, this invention made IBM’s PCs ahead of the game. Dr. Dean continued on and teamed with Dennis Moeller to make the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) system for the bus, this is a device that made transport and holding data quicker and simpler with other IBM compatible computers. That was just another step towards one of his inventions that revolutionized the computer industry. In 1999, Dr. Dean spearheaded his team into creating the world’s 1st one-gigahertz chip! Simply amazing!
Through his accomplishments he his been making footprints in concrete with IBM and the World! In 1996, Dr. Mark Dean was been awarded the title IBM Fellow, twice, being the first black man to receive such an honour. The very next year, in 1997, Dr. Dean received the Black Engineer of the year President’s award and he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Then in 2001, he became a member of the National Academy of Engineers. 
To this day, Dr. Dean is still apart of the IBM team. On his blog, A Smarter Planet, he is the Chief Technology Officer of the IBM division in the Middle East & Africa. {too cool!} With technology advancing at rapid pace that it is and has been, even Dr. Dean stated his amazement, “…I helped design the PC, I didn’t think I’d live long enough to witness its decline.” (Dean, 2011) This is encouragement to us all that there’s still time, space and opportunity to improve and add to what’s been place before us. I’m stoked and feel privileged to have learn of a man with great ambition. We, too, can set footprints in concrete!
Bonne Journee mon amies!!! 

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