Black Innovators, Inventors and Leaders: Valerie Thomas

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Welcome to another post of some of the world’s greatest Innovators, Inventors and Leaders. Today we will learn of a miraculous inventor who shaped the way we watch t.v… I introduce to you: Valerie Thomas

valerie_thomas Born in 1943, Valerie Thomas was always fascinated with science, she was eager to learn and experiment during a time where girls weren’t allowed to learn such subjects like math & science. Even her own father refused to assist her with projects involving these subjects. Despite no immediate support, Thomas educated herself and later on enrolled at Morgan State University where she was one of two women majoring in physics.
Thomas’ love and wonder of science lead her to work for National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration (NASA), she was their data analyst then later she move on to their project management department. However it was her love for electronics that lead her to invent the Illusion Transmitter, it is a device that transport an image from one place to another without it actually leaving its place. Doing so via cable or electromagnetically; basically creating a mirror reflection of itself, in real time, that can be seen elsewhere. Pretty amazing, is it not =)) One day we can watch our favourite artists perform, from where they are, right in our home as if they are actually there! Freaky yet cool!

Valerie Thomas became a scientist AND inventor when she got the patent for her revolutionary illusion transmitter in the 1980s {which no doubtingly inspired all those cool action/sci-fi movies} and to this day, NASA uses her invention. She has received the NASA Equal Opportunity Medal also the Goddard Space Flight Center Award of Merit. She has been active on such projects as: Halley’s Comet, Landsat program, ozone layer research and even the participated with the Voyager Spacecraft.

The beautiful inquisitive mind of Valerie Thomas, has shown and proved that anything is obtainable. In her field where an illusion can lead to reality, we can apply it to many aspects of our lives to strength and inspire. Valerie Thomas was more than just a scientist and inventor but she also fought outspokenly for minority’s rights. Merci beaucoup, Valerie Thomas, for staying true & dedicated to your passion.
I encourage all of you to read up on more of her accomplishments!

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2 thoughts on “Black Innovators, Inventors and Leaders: Valerie Thomas

  1. Hi my daughter is doing a black history month project on Valerie Thomas. After several hours of internet research and phone calls as of February 16th 2014 Ms. Thomas is not deceased.

    • Salut!
      Many thanks for reading my post and for sharing the updated info! I was wondering… =) where did you get your information to confirm? I will definitely make corrections.
      Please email me: I’m very interested to learn more.
      Congrats to your daughter on her project and also to the both of you for your dilengence, dedication and intutiveness to seek and discover the truth. I appreciate you both. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Merci beaucoup,
      G. Tonge

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