Black Innovators, Inventors and Leaders: Michel Molaire

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

Welcome to another post sharing the life, struggle and success of some of our awesome originators during February’s Black History Month. This person has paved the way for photo images to be where they are. Today I introduce you to: Michel F. Molaire


Michel Frantz Molaire is a polymer and formulation chemist who has of over 49 U.S. patents and over 110 foreign patents involving: optical imaging recordings, organic photoreceptor formulation, photo polymerization, infrared sensitive pigments, photoelectrographic formulations, electrophotographic transfer materials and even dip coating technology just to list a few of the accomplishments his extensive research. All of these are elements to the revolutionary success of photography today!
Originally from Haiti, Michel Molaire came here in the early 1970s, knowing very little English. By 1974, he became a technician for Eastman Kodak with a 2-year degree from New York’s Technical College. While working a full-time position, in 1977, Michel managed to obtain his B.S. degree in chemistry. Molaire continued studying and in 1982 he received his M.S. in chemical engineering then 4 years later got his M.B.A. from the University of Rochester. Molaire has authored abundant amount of publications and attend several scientific conferences.
Mike’s ingenuity and achievements was been praised and awarded; in 1994, Molaire was inducted into Eastman Kodak’s Distinguished Inventor’s Gallery and in 2006 he was inducted into African Scientific Institute Fellowship.
In 2010, Molaire started his own company, Molaire Consulting LLC. In addition to his own, he is a polymer chemist with NOHMS Technologies and principal photographer with NOREX Publications.

Michel aka Mike F. Molaire is definitely a trailblazer! He has honed & crafted his talents and skill to a level where every person on this globe will utilize his patented inventions to create memories and more for years to come!!! Merci beaucoup Michel F. Molaire =D

Au Revoir!!!



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