Loving you from the Heart out

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

It’s February! The time for LOVE in various ways! I would like to focus on our Heart, briefly that is. The main source of Life is centered around the well-being of the Heart. Whether its an animal, sea creature or human being, we all need our heart muscle healthy and strong to ensure a happy long life. blak_self love

*Did you know that Heart dis-ease is one of the leading killers in both men & women!!! Good news it’s preventable and can be maintained.

In my teenage years, I was diagnosed with having a little heart murmur (this is when the heart makes an usual sound, it can be faint or loud. The noise happens when there is turbulent flow in the heart. Anybody can experience this however check with a healthcare professional to make sure that there isn’t an underlying issue.) the doctor assured me to not worry about it. So, I didn’t. As the years went on by, I lost my beloved father to a heart attack, we were all in shock. He didn’t have a history of having any heart problems. This saddened me greatly, then it was brought to my attention that I need to investigate my family’s health history. { I encourage everyone to get some background on their families health } You could be surprised at what you find and it can help preserve your precious life! =D c’est bon!

Gathering information on this amazing massive organ is as long as the straightest line circling the globe. What I will just stick some common facts and tips that will, hopefully, encourage you to take loving yourself on a next level!
Heart Dis-ease wears many hats to describe what the heart’s condition may or may not be. The most well-known is Coronary Artery Disease aka coronary heart disease, (it’s when the arteries gets blocked by plaque build-up preventing bloodflow to the heart and makes the heart work extra hard to get blood and oxygen) il n’est pas bon =(
Coronary Heart Disease is the cause of heart attacks, heart failures, angina amongst other life threatening types. However, the good news is there are ways to prevent yourself, or your loved ones from getting heart dis-ease. If you, or someone you know has some heart issues there are ways to control it from getting scary worse.

Using my money phrase of 2014, Take It One Day At A Time!
The tips I am going to share with you are simple steps there are manageable to maintain everyday. There’s is rarely anything that’ll give immediate results, especially when it comes to health improvement. So, take your time there shouldn’t be a rush to heal. Take in these tips and do some research as well as, talk to your health professional to assist you in creating a simple regimen that’s custom to you.

– Eat Healthy: This means up your fresh fruits and vegetables intakes and lessen to eliminate processed foods, beverages and even snacks. Potato chips and that cream pie isn’t your friend. Yes, I know of deliciousness of a deep-fried Twinkie and the yumminess of crunchy salty potato chips but what’s more important? Choose healthy options for your meals, need ideas?? Go to your neighouring Whole Foods Grocery or open up another tab and Google or Youtube some options. The key is to eating foods low in saturated fat, trans fat & cholesterol and high in fiber can help prevent high cholesterol. There’s a sea of choices.

– Maintain a Healthy Weight: This is my challenge, all my friends know my life long goal is to be thick like Buffy the Body buffy_the_body*I’m just joking!!! … Maybe =))
but the reality is having all the thickness is cool if it’s healthy weight. Being over-weight increases your chances of heart disease, high blood-pressure (this is a leading killer in the black American population aside from prison and HIV) The best way to assess whether you are over-weight or not, you will need to get your Body Mass Index (BMI). I got mine from X3 Sports during a free boxing workshop! It’s that easy to get if you can’t for your doctor’s appointment.

– Exercise regularly: Physical activity has long been noted as the best way to staying healthy, hands down. At least 30 minutes throughout the day everyday will make a great difference in your life. There are ample simple workouts you can do no matter where you are; at home, in the car or bus, waiting in line, while watching t.v even when your laying down! Add it to your list of topics to research. Shoo, Sex is awesome exercise! Get it in everyday for your heart sake =)) c’est bon!!!

– Watch your blood pressure: This is a silent creeper, there aren’t obvious signs indicating what your blood pressure level is so it’s best to check. You go to your healthcare professional, pharmacist at your neighbourhood CVS/ Duane Reade/ Walgreens’s or grocery store.

– Stop Smoking:
It’s no secret that cigarettes are sticks of cancer being sold over the counter. Eliminating this cancerous pastime prolongs your life. There are stories of smoking survivors who are on respiratory devices to help them breathe and talk. Something to think about.

– Moderate Drinking: Alcohol consumption has long been an enemy of the united states for various reasons from the Prohibition Days back in the 1920s-30s up to this present day. Nowadays, the problem with alcohol is the excessive amounts can do more than just damage the kidneys and liver, it can also up your blood pressure levels. If you are a diabetic this is definitely not the way to go. Alcohol reduces down to sugar and can cause painful issues. A drink a day for women and up to two drinks for men is what’s suggested.

Let’s take the time for ourselves. Valentine’s Day is one of America’s biggest spending day yet we compromise spending money on our health. What’s more important? I realized that my health and well-being isn’t the next person life. Therefore only YOU can properly take care YOU.

Au Revoir




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