Black Innovators, Inventors and Leaders: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!! 

This month has many celebrative events that’s marked on the calendar, here in the US and abroad. For instance, February is Black History month, Reggae month and Heart Health month. This is the first many postings of me sharing with you some of the most amazing trailblazers in century and those past. I really hope these postings stimulate something in you! You all know how information gets me excited =D { sidenote: intelligence is soo attractive — to moi }

I want to do share with all of you the struggle and success of a historical figure who opened the doors for many life saving options in the medical field. The man who I speak of is… Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

ImageDr. Daniel Hale Williams {18th January 1856 – 4th August 1931} was a African American general surgeon; however he was renowned for being the first American black man to perform pericardium surgery (aka open heart surgery). In 1891, he founded Provident Hospital in Chicago, Illinois; it was the first non-segregated hospital in the United States. In Chicago in those times a black doctors wasn’t allowed to work in the hospitals. That didn’t stop Dr. Williams, he opened up the hospital and also created a training school for nurses.

Dr. Williams achievements has lead him to great places and positions nationally and within the US government. In 1893 he was appointed surgeon-in-chief at Freedman’s Hospital in Washington, D.C during the Grover Cleveland administration. He held that position until he married and moved back to Chicago, in 1898. During he time there, he opened another nurses training school primarily for black Americans in that time. Education to further your desires and dreams was definitely encouraged, he worked hard for provide schooling and hospitals for black Americans wanting to enter the medical field at a time where it was hard to get that quality medical education and quality medical care. Dr. Williams taught clinical surgery at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee as well as serving as active surgeon at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. In 1895, he co-founded the National Medical Association for African American Doctors and then in 1913, he officially was chartered as a member to the American College of Surgeons, he was the first Black American surgeon on their roster.

Such astounding accomplishments at time and place where numerous odds stood against him. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was a pioneer and still an inspiration. May this post, and the others that’ll follow, will spark something in you to do, learn, explore what drives you! That’s why I am doing what I love! Au revoir!



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