Anniversaire Joyuex!!!!!!!

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!! C’est l’anniversaire de moi!!!!! =))

In my space

In my space

A new year and a new vibe I’m feeling!!! I woke up with gratitude and a smile plus a tender sweet thang who provided “breakfast in bed” this morning… *wink, wink*
Anywho! I just wanted to share that I will be continuing my intimate apparel & lingerie business. =)) Whoop! Whoop! I was nearly at the edge, a gust of wind away from going over the cliff and letting go of business. However, this year felt unlike any other, though it just started. My plans to revise and improve my business model is solid. Everyone and everything that’s around me is an inspiration, right now.

I have a goal to condense my workload so that I can overload myself my business, I know it sounds backwards, Ha! I realized that all the energy I put into corporate business is the more I take away from my baby, my business. Outside influences will distract you, especially if you allow it. I have allowed other sources to confuse and mislead me down a path that left me so consumed with everything that didn’t matter. What did matter was deserted, that didn’t feel good. It has got to STOP!!! I’m destined for success, so all my doors and windows are open!

Let’s Get it Together!!!


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