Happy 2014 Tout le Mode!!!


I feel real good about this year mon amies!!! Whatever you have resting on your heart and mind, that will lead you to Happiness, Success an abundance of Love…. GO FOR IT!!!!

2013 started off promising, at least pour moi, and by the 3rd month I saw the future shadowed in the most unbelievable way. Therefore, I denied it. Wrong move. The funnel of stagnation and ridiculousness spun out of control. Before I knew it, I was so far behind in EVERYTING I felt my whole life was back-up, constipated in the worse way, Ha! I had to DETOX a lot of stuff and people from my life.
I’m still purging… I’m feeling good everyday about it. My born-day is approaching and with all that could frustrate me, I am refusing to let it penetrate w/in me. I greet this year w a peaceful inner self, a smile on my face, fully stocked kitchen and penis on standby =)) #gottaluvit
I continually have to remember that I control me and that inner love and strength is soooooo effin attractive & sexy!

So, in 2014, I am encouraging ALL of YOU to be comfortable w you. Embrace & love yourself this year!

GET NAKED!!! Literally and figuratively!!!!
People will Judge. People will Hate. People will be themselves. So what? It’s YOUR life, LOVE IT!!!

Salut!!! Tout le Mode!!!!


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