To my Awesome Readers with LOVE!!!

Bonjour Tout le Mode =))

I would like to say MILLION ONE THANKS to all of you who have read, suggested and shared information on this blog. Through your interest and awesomeness The G Spot has reached over 1500 readers WORLDWIDE =D *whoop whoop* I am elated beyond words and highly excited!
I am currently putting together the long anticipated ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ post =)) I am excited about its completion also! *A thousand thanks to all of those who participated in this post. All the interviews were insightful, enlightening and aspiring to me. I aim for you to get the same feeling.
Stay tuned!!!!
I am also accepting applications for any freelance creative writers who are interested in health, sex and underwear and likes to research information on these topics. If youare this person, or know someone who is email me: … send a sample piece of work! I look forward to reading it =D Oui!

Au revoir :-*


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