Psycho Date

Bonjour Tout le Mode!

Today has been an interesting day, all thanks to this man who appeared to be sane at the beginning but insane a week into us spending time with each other. I am sure WE ALL have been through some deranged dates that popped open our eyes and shook your heads in disbelief.
Let me concisely tell you about this unforeseen madness that erupted… It’s the weekend, hot and humid sunny day. I didn’t have much on my plate for the day so I spent the day hanging out with this guy, lets call him Bart, who I think is cool and tear-jerking funny! He fits the tall, dark and handsome profile however after a day of laughter and good eating… we started to talk about human rights and animals rights, good balanced topic… He went on a tangent about how dog fighter should be burned at the stake. I said nothing thinking he was joking – he wasn’t- as I started to console he’s troubled heart he refused my compassion and started yelling, with spit flying out his mouth, at me as if I had a backyard full of canine prize fighters and a wall full of tropheys for every dog who lost or died at the paws of my bitches, I mean that in the most positive respectful way.
Once he calmed down, I told him i had to get up early for work and that we will link up the next day. Inside of me I was kicking him out before he got up off my couch. Am I wrong? ….
What do you think? Share with me your crazy stories…


A bientot!


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