Sex and the Workplace

Bonjour tout le mode!!!

I was having drinks and interviewing a co-worker (keep posted for the long awaited Let’s Talk About SEX) and the topic of having sexual encounters with co-workers and/or having sex in the workplace.
I casually talked about my experience in both situations and expressed how there is a certain “code” for such rendezvous. There was some debate over my moral and mind state since I was so nonchalant on the topic when the latter party, this included our waitress, had strong opinions about it. They felt as though it’s not a great idea since the end result can lead to regret and disappoint. A valid point however the excitement of such a hush-hush affair is no secret or uncommon situation;especially in the office settings and jobs that require traveling. * I used to work at the airport and the travelers when long lay overs are generally open to a good lay in the city. *

Tell me what you think? Am I one the elite sect of individuals who understand that type of circuit. Be it if the person or persons are in a relationship is another factor in the equation. * I will do a post about it. Let me know if you want to know something specific! *
The act itself is what I asking your thoughts on. In these modern technological society we live in, where casual sex is not so taboo or looked down upon as it was 20-30 years ago, where do you stand?


2 thoughts on “Sex and the Workplace

  1. I can speak from experience from having an office romance with a former boss. I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of it all; the whole idea of the man in a powerful, decision-making position choosing me as the object of his desire. Makes for a great read! At least the memories last longer than the romance. 🙂

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