Getting Hip to Hep C

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

I want to share with you some information that had me rethink how and where we put our trust, in terms of hospitals and doctors. I have nothing but respect for all those who work in the healthcare field. Learning about the human body and the sea of various conditions, aliments and diseases that can interfere with our overall health. Now, let us say that there’s a person visiting the doctor for their annual check-up and as the person is waiting to see their doctor, a physician’s assistant comes in and takes their blood and checks their temperature – usual prep work- and the doctor comes in and goes through their usual visit routine. Everybody is clam and is under the impression that all is well. Some time has passed and the person gets sick from weather change and goes to the doctor about the cold thinking that it may be the seasonal flu but to the contrary, the doctor tells them that they have Hepatitis C. SURPRISE! Well, not so much but this story is a depiction of what’s really happening here in the USA .
There has been a lot of reports of a man who has been impersonating a doctor and giving patients the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) …. :-O WHAT?!?!?
Shocking I know, who or what reason is there for someone to do such a thing??? I haven’t heard of Hepatitis C since the death of America’s number one daredevil, the late Evel Knievel in 1999.
So what is Hepatitis C???
It is a disease that attacks the liver that can cause chronic infections which damages the liver and can lead to cancers, cirrhosis (the result of liver disease) and fatal malfunctions of the liver.
People who are affected by this more than likely will NOT have any symptoms, at least not until cirrhosis develops which may lead to liver failure, liver cancer and other life-threatening maladies.
The way people contract this is through blood to blood contact with transfusions, sharing needles and poor sterilized medical equipment.
The good news is that there is cure for it, in its early stages as of now. Progression is in progress!

* (information about the man who spreading hepatitis C)

Au Revoir mon amie!!!


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