Missed you lots! Let’s Kiss (muah) :-*

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

Ca va bien? How you been?
2012 has been an interesting and inspiring ride thus far, for me and for TONGE!!!

Production of TONGE Intimates has been awesome, I’ve been invited to a fashion showcase in Nassau, Bahamas. I’ve worked on some recording artists projects. I’ve even worked with swimwear! *interesting how sewing it isn’t so easy. It was a great challenge still…
In midst of all the production and the numerous other projects I have in motion, I haven’t forgotten about you, my beloved readers!
I have been, still am working on a post about SEX… from a psychological standpoint not so much physical details.
It’s titled: Let’s Talk about SEX

I have been conducting interviews and gathering information from local people here in Atlanta, Georgia on whether: it is easier for single people to talk about what they like/dislike with the person they’re having sex with, oppose to those who are in a relationship? does media influence their perception on sex and relationships? do they know themselves enough to tell the person of interest what they like/dislike in the bedroom? *or wherever you like to do “it” ;-)) (wink, wink)
It has been a wild ride gathering, filtering and organising the responses. This post is going to be AWESOME and I know you all will thoroughly enjoy it as much as I am =))

*Merci beaucoup to EVERYONE who has participated! I greatly appreciate it. You guys ROCK!!!

I have much more to go with this post however I will keep all of you abreast of the progress!

Au revoir!!! :* :*


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