Started what supposed to be a, Watermelon Fast… Day 1

Bonjour Tout le Mode!

Yes, as the title explains, today was supposed to be the start of me watermelon fast. In light of summer being around the corner, the heat down here in Georgia rising and my body is feeling a certain way that eating heavy foods is not the power move so I felt as though what could be more refreshing and healthy than eating watermelons all day!   Yea…. No.

I started off strong, I had to go to work so I packed this succulent lunch and snack of chopped watermelons. For breakfast I dranked some mint tea and eat some watermelons on the way out the door. By the time I reached work and worked for a good two hours my stomach started growling and the watermelons weren’t satisfying. ‘What to do’ I thought, how can I maintain this fast if my tummy grumbling? So, I modified my watermelon fast to a watermelon, salad and nuts. A good balance of nutrients and sustainable foods that cam last me throughtout the day while at work.

That’s what I realised, there has to be an easy way to fast at the workplace. For those of you who have abstain from eating certain foods for any matter of time for whatever reason, please share your experience and some ways you worked through your challenges =)) you can email me: Shout me out!

Until tomorrow, I am going to bed with a delicious mixed greens salad dressed with red onions, avocado, cucumbers, walnuts and olive oil. YUM!

A Bientot! 


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