Do you know the Key to Ever Lasting Life?

Bonjour Mon Amies =D

This summer has been all about healthy eating and exercising. Everybody I talked to are either trying another new diet or eating vegetarian or raw foods to obtain the ideal size, weight and figure. Look at these two lovely ladies…

Image   Image Guess how old they are?

They both are… 70+ years old and has the energy and spunk of a 30 year old!!! Amazing is it not! They are both vegan raw food enthusiasts <- their eating regime consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all UNcooked!!!!

Annette Larkins (1st picture) and Mimi Kirk (2nd picture) are my inspirations to pursing this quest of ever-lasting life that includes two of my favourite hobbies: FOOD and EATING …. I looked at the classic food pyramid (like the one below)

Image  this is what I grew up with…. Is it for long last life?

Follow me on this awesome journey to discovering the truths and myths of eating to live! I am starting my RAW experience with Watermelons and Salads =)) … Stay tuned!!!!!

Images came from:

* Annette Larkins:

* Mimi Kirk:

* Food Pyramid –

Enjoy the day! Get some sun and we’ll talk soon!

Au Revoir


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