What is The G Spot???

Bonjour Tout le Mode!!!

I’m sure we all know what the infamous little erotic pleasurable place in the women’s body called,Gräfenberg spot aka “G Spot” that many men search for and women aim to reach to acheive a heavenly orgasmic experience to the sexual adventure. To be exact and technical about this “ohhh yeaaahhh” spot Dictionary.com explains that, the “G spot” is just “a patch of tissue in the front wall of the vagina, claimed to be erectile and highly erogenous.” Thus way its has been heavily sought after since its offical description in the 1950s, thanks to the German gynecologist – Ernst Gräfenberg.
ernst grafenberg_mr g_spot

Now, I can go deeper on the subject but I will save that for another day! 😉 I was asked today, What is ‘the G Spot’? I instantly referred them to my ‘About G’ post. Once they finished read it I was still asked the same question. I realised that not out of all my postings reader can get caught up and lost. So to simply put it…

The G Spot blog is my site to educate and share my love and passion for Health, Sex and Panties! I sew and design customised lingerie and basic underwear for men, women and even children.
I post about events I have showed my creations as well as events related to what I am doing.
I also post about topics/subjects dealing with health, sex and appearance. I post research people ask me to do in relation to what I’m passionate about.

I greatly appreciate all of you for reading and suggesting topics you are interested in reading!
We all are educators and pupils interested in learning more about the world, its inhabitiants and the wonderous activites that happens within our bodies.
Continue to stay tuned! We have been going strong for over a year now! Biggup yourselves! je vous aime tous!!!! =D

Au Revoir!


4 thoughts on “What is The G Spot???

  1. Greatest topic in the world… how small piece of tissu can be the best tribute to our men and women self and joint development….

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